Sunday, April 17, 2011

Booth Swings Collection.

I hope to eventually do booth swings for all 93 seats. This is time consuming due to manually having to enter the data for this election and the 2007 election. What's made it worse is the name change of some booths and the NSWEC site only having the booth name, not address, forcing me to try to find the booth in one of the 2007 Federal Election seats too see what the old name was. So I will do them when I can but being a full-time carer I don't always have the time.

Anyway here is the list of seats I've completed so far. .

Check back for updates. Latest seat will be in bold. Next seat will be named but not linked.
(Direct links to spreadsheet hostd by Google Docs as it's awkward to read on the read on the blog when I embed it)

Blue Mountains
Lane Cove
Mount Druitt
North Shore

Here is the link to all my NSW Election 2011 stats and figures.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My NSW Election 2011 collection.

Click here to see all the documents (booth results, booth swings, Greens exhaust rates) I've made about the 2011 NSW election. More booth swings and booth results will be added so check back later.

(With the booth swings docs, click the tabs down the bootm left to see interactive charts)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NSW Election: Green exhaust rate and preference flows.

Below is a spreadsheet with Green voters exhaust rates and preference flows for seats where a Green candidate was knocked out before the winning candidate was elected. A lot of seats won by the Liberal Party were won on primary votes so the NSWEC has not provided full distribution of preference PDFs. Hit me up on twitter @paul_ausvotes if you want something explained further

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