Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Newspoll: Voters desert the Coalition

The latest Newspoll shows Kevin Rudd and Labor's popularity has soared as voters desert the Coalition. Kevin Rudd's preferred PM and approval ratings have both risen while the Labor's primary and 2PP vote have sky-rocketed to levels not seen since Nelson was opposition leader.

Primary Vote
Labor - 48% (up from 42% on last Newspoll and 43.3% at the election)
Coalition - 35% (down from 38% on last Newspoll and 42.1% at the election)
Greens - 10% (down from 11% on the last Newspoll, up from 7.8% at the election)
Others - 7% (down from 9% on the last newspoll, up from 6.8% at the last election)

2PP Vote
Labor 59% - Coalition 41% (up from 55-45 on the last Newspoll and 52.7-47.3 at the election)

Satisfied - 70% (up from 67%)
Dissatisfied - 21% (up from 20%)
Uncommitted - 9% (down from 13%)

Satisfied - 47% (down from 52%)
Dissatisfied - 32% (up from 27%)
Uncommitted - 21% (steady)

Better PM
Rudd - 66% (up from 63%)
Turnbull - 19% (down from 21%)
Uncommitted - 15% (down from 16%)

Dennis Shanahan's take here
Mumble predicts Joe Hockey will be the Liberal leader at the next election
Poll Bludger reckons the results would have been worse if Nelson was still there.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The target emissions cut: Your say.

FEDERAL cabinet is finalising a cautious emissions trading scheme offering higher compensation to big trade-exposed polluters and a "soft" start in pollution-reduction targets.

With concern growing in the Rudd cabinet about the emissions trading scheme's potential to exacerbate already rising unemployment, particularly in crucial marginal regional seats, the target range for the regime to be released on Monday week is widely expected to be between 5 per cent and 15 per cent by 2020. But the emissions trading white paper will tie Australian emissions reduction targets to the ambition of next year's Copenhagen agreement on cutting global greenhouse gas emissions.

Article at The Australian

What do you think the cut will be? The thinking is between 5-15%. Do you think is enough? Too much? Have your say by leaving a comment below.

Just received a "Braking News" email from the Daily Telegraph.

Apparently, Premier Iemma has quit.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Population change and allocation of seats.

The ABS issued it's latest statistics on the population of Australia. These figures will be used by the Electoral Commissioner to determine the allocation of seats to each state for the next Federal election. To determine the amount of seats each state is entitled to they divide the total population of the 6 states by twice the number of senators. At the moment the 6 state population is 20,807,400. To get the quote we divide 20,807,400 by 144 (twice the number of senators)giving us a quota of 144,496. Only the 6 states are used in this calculation, the quota for the territories is set in the Electoral Act, not the constitution. This gives us this the following entitlements.

New South Wales - 48.2 - 48 seats, down from 49
Victoria - 36.6 - 37 seats unchanged
Queensland - 29.6 - 30 seats, up one from 29
Western Australia - 14.9 - 15 seats unchanged
South Australia - 11.0 - 11 seats unchanged
Tasmania - 3.4 - 5 seats unchanged.

The original states are guaranteed a minimum representation of five seats, so Tasmania retains five seats despite only having a quota for 3 seats.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Former deputy PM Frank Crean has died aged 92

Former treasurer and deputy prime minister Frank Crean, 92, has died in Melbourne surrounded by his family.

Frank, the father of former Labor leader Simon Crean was first elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly in 1945 but was defeated in 1947. He was re-elected in 1949

n 1951 Crean quit state politics to stand for the safe Labor seat of Melbourne Ports in the House of Representatives. Crean advanced rapidly, in 1956 he was elected to the Opposition front-bench and became in effect shadow Treasurer (although Labor did not have a formal shadow ministry until 1969), a position he held for 16 years.

During the 1960s Crean was sometimes considered as a possible party leader, but his rather plodding public image meant that he was overtaken by Gough Whitlam, who became leader in 1967. When Whitlam finally led Labor to office at the 1972 election, Crean became Treasurer, although Whitlam had no real confidence in him.

Crean was unfortunate that his time as Treasurer coincided with the onset of high inflation and rising unemployment. He did not trust the orthodox economic advice he was getting from the Treasury, but he lacked the authority to challenge it. The leader of the Labor Left, Dr Jim Cairns, attacked Crean's policies in the Cabinet, and in December 1974 Whitlam gave Cairns the Treasury and moved Crean to the Trade portfolio.

In July 1975 Whitlam sacked Cairns over his involvement in the Loans Affair, and Crean was elected party Deputy Leader and Deputy Prime Minister in his place. He held this position until the dismissal of the Whitlam government in November 1975. After the elections he contested the leadership but was defeated by Whitlam.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Robert doyle the new Lord Mayor of Melbourne.

Mr Doyle won with 26.6 per cent of the primary vote ahead of Catherine Ng.

At one stage yesterday, it looked likely that Ms Ng could spring a surprise victory.

Ms Ng had secured just 10.8 per cent of the primary vote, but distribution of preferences vaulted her into contention.

Mr Doyle's victory was eventually secured with Labor member Peter McMullin's preferences.

"It's extraordinary that Labor has helped to elect Doyle," rival candidate Gary Morgan said.

"I can't remember anything like it."

The Greens' Adam Bandt had the second-highest primary vote of 15 per cent, but did not benefit from preferences.

The results were a major disappointment for Labor and Mr McMullin, whose expensive and aggressive campaign yielded just 12.5 per cent.


The new councillors (in order of election) are: Carl Jetter, Cathy Oke, Kevin Louey, Peter Clark, Ken Ong, Brian Shanahan, Jennifer Kanas.

Voter turnout for both was around 62%.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Lee Rhiannon urges Rees to use COAG to push for more Health Funding

Greens MP and health spokesperson Lee Rhiannon says Premier Nathan Rees must use tomorrow's COAG meeting to push for more funding for primary health, particularly for early intervention and prevention services.

Referring to the crisis facing acute hospital care identified yesterday in the report by Commissioner Peter Garling SC, Ms Rhiannon said "The Garling Report focused on acute care hospital services but the crisis will not dissipate unless the Rees government invests heavily in health prevention and early intervention services,"

"Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's offer to the states of $450 million for preventative health is a start, but much more is needed to arrest pressures on the NSW hospital system.

"2008 figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show that NSW spending on public health as a proportion of total recurrent health spending is in decline, with NSW below the national average." Ms Rhiannon said.

Source: Greens media release.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's statement on Mumbai

Overnight in the Indian city of Mumbai there have been a series of coordinated attacks on up to 10 hotels, train stations and other public places. It is unclear at this stage who is responsible for these attacks, although one organisation has claimed responsibility. The Australian government unreservedly condemns the atrocious attacks on innocent people in Mumbai, whoever has carried out those attacks.

As we speak, these events continue to unfold, but we understand that up to 80 people have been killed and some 250 injured. Our sympathy and condolences go to the victims and to their families. Attackers may still be in the hotels, and there are reports that hostages have been taken.

The government is seeking to confirm as a matter of urgency the safety and welfare of Australians who may be affected. We have 317 Australians registered with us as being in Mumbai. There are likely to be more than that. Our consular staff are currently attempting to contact all the Australians who are registered. At least two Australians have been injured, and our thoughts are with them and their families. I am advised that Australian casualties may rise.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has been in contact with the families of those who have been known to be injured so far and with their families in Australia and is providing consular assistance on the ground in Mumbai. Australians who are concerned about the welfare of loved ones can contact a hotline that has been established by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The number of the consular hotline is 1800 002 214. I have just now spoken to the Australian High Commissioner to India, who is in Mumbai and leading the government’s response. Officials from the Australian Consulate-General in Mumbai and the Australian High Commission in New Delhi are checking with local authorities and hotel owners to determine exactly how many Australians may have been caught up in these incidents.

The group that has claimed responsibility for this attack calls itself the Deccan Mujahideen. Together with other ministers, I have just attended a meeting of the National Security Committee of the cabinet. At this stage, little is known about this group—at least, a group using that name. But whichever group has perpetrated this attack, they are cowards—absolute cowards—and murderers.

It is likely to take some time to identify all the perpetrators. This cowardly attack on India’s stability, peace and democracy reminds us all that international terrorism is far from defeated and that we must all maintain our vigilance. We have to continue to work closely with our allies and partners around the world to defeat terrorism.

In the light of this attack, we have today reissued our travel advice for India. The advice says that Australians should avoid travel to Mumbai at this time. I would encourage all Australians to read the advice carefully. We are offering, through the Australian Federal Police, assistance with counterterrorism and forensics policing to the Indian authorities and any other assistance which may be of direct relevance at this critical time. We stand ready to assist India in any way it needs right now.

This latest attack on Indian peace, stability and democracy reminds us again of the need to remain forever vigilant. I remind all honourable members of this: this is an unfolding event; it is a serious incident, and it is therefore of deep concern and distress to all Australian families who have members of their families in India and/or in Mumbai at this time.

I would join with all members in offering our thoughts and prayers at this time, given the great uncertainties which continue.

Senator Coonan condemns Mumbai Terrorist Attacks.

The Coalition has joined the Australian Government in condemning the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India.

Speaking this morning Senator Coonan said “The Coalition expresses its deepest sympathy for the victims of these attacks and their families, those responsible for these serial attacks in Mumbai have launched a cowardly assault on the values of freedom and democracy in India.

It is also an assault on all of us that share the values of free societies.

I, together with all Australians, condemn the perpetrators of these cowardly and frightful attacks which demonstrate in the clearest terms that terrorist groups are active in South Asia,”

“The Coalition understands that the Australian Government and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade are providing consular assistance to Australian nationals in India, as well as to relatives in Australia,” Senator Coonan said.

Source: Liberal Party media

Relatives can seek further information through the DFAT hotline on 1300 555 135.

A sad day for the Australian Democrats

The WA branch has be de-registered after they declined to the WA Electoral Commission's determination that it had less than the minimum 500 members needed to be registered as a party.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Victorian Council Elections

Some of Victoria go to the polls this Saturday, while the majority of the state postal vote. I have no idea why most councils use postal votes while some use traditional voting booths at school but that is how it is. The councils that have "attendance voting" are below.
Banyule, Brimbank, Greater Dandenong, Glen Eira, Hbsons Bay, Knox, Moreland, Port Phillip & Yarra. All the others use postal voting.

If you would like any further information feel free to leave a comment.

The most watched contest will be for Melbourne Lord Mayor. The candidate teams are as follows (Team names link to candidate statement provided to the Victorian Electoral Commission, Lord Mayor candidate names link to candidate, team or party website if available.)
p.s Yes, the Gary Morgan in this list is THE Gary Morgan of Roy Morgan Research fame.
(Note: The "C Melbourne Grow site won't work when clicking a link. To visit the site copy/paste the link into your address bar)
Team NameLord MayorDeputy Mayor
Active MelbourneRobert DoyleSusan Riley
C Melbourne GrowCatherine NgTerry Makings
Shifting the BurdenJoseph ToscanoMargaret Ely
Passion for MelbourneNick ColumbSue Calwell
The GreensAdam BandtKathleen Maltzham
Melbourne Supercity WorldRobert CrawfordMichael Kennedy
Residents EquityShelley RobertsAbdiaziz Farah
Team Melbourne Gary SingerJoanne Painter
Fowles A Fresh VisionWill FowlesDavid Wilson
McMullin-Wilson For Melbourne's FuturePeter McMullinTim Wilson
Our City - Your CouncilGary MorganMichele Anderson

I don't normally do this but having looked through the Candidate statements, if was voting I would vote for The Greens or Shifting the Burden. Let me know in the comments who feel is the best team for Melbourne.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Liberal Party website offers fake Rudd merchandise.

THE Liberals have begun to toy with Kevin Rudd.

The Kevin Rudd Decisive Action Doll is just one of the items available at a mock memorabilia site set up by the Liberal Party to celebrate the Prime Minister's one year anniversary.

The ruddshop.com website has pictures, watches, dvds and books all dedicated to lampooning Mr Rudd's first year in office.

The Kevin Rudd Decisive Action Doll is said to "feature real voice recordings of all your favourite Rudd catch-cries: 'My challenge to you is this…', 'The buck stops with me', 'On the question of…', and many more."

The toys section also includes the Kevin Rudd Model Plane with the accompanying pitch: "Now you can fly whenever and wherever you like – just like Kevin Rudd!"

News.com.au article
Fake shop

Obviously, that is "non-core" merchandise. Well that is what the Liberal Party will claim when they don't deliver it. All of our Rudd merchandise is real.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kate Ellis turns down $30,000 zoo shoot.

Federal Minister for Youth and Sport Kate Ellis has turned an offer of $30,000 to pose for men's magazine Zoo Weekly. "She had a chuckle at the idea but has decided against it,'' her spokesman told Zoo. Zoo editor Paul Merrill said he was very disappointed.
"It's easy to see why so many members stand to attention when they catch a glimpse of Kate,'' Merrill said. "We're naturally sad that she's turned down a shoot and deprived her constituents of a much needed morale boost in this global recession. "But Zoo is starting the campaign today to make her our next prime minister anyway.''
A few weeks ago Minister Ellis was voted sexiest Australian MP by her peers.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Julie Bishop on Good News Week

Julie Bishop is currently a guest on the Channel 10 show Good News Week. No video available yet as the show is still on. The interesting part is Julie showing her sense of humour and she was quite funny at times. anyway here's is what I remember from she was "On the lounge"

Paul McDermott(the host): Let's start with word association
Julie Bishop: Ok
PM: Opposition
JB: Temporary
PM: Malcolm
JB: Prime Minister
PM: Bi-partisanship
JB: Over-rated

PM: Power
JB: Girl
PM: Let's go deeper
JB: Let's
PM: What's it like being a woman in Federal Politics?
JB: well I've never been a man in Federal Politics...so it's so of hard to compare.
PM: What's your dream job?
JB: Treasurer
PM: Who are less trustworthy, lawyers or politicians?
JB: well they're both better than journalists.

Paul then asked Julie what's the most embarrassing thing she will admit on TV and she told a very weird story about being the youngest sister and one day her 2 oldest sisters were on the swings and wouldn't let Julie have a turn no matter how much she she cried or screamed so she went to shed and grabbed an axe and started hacking at the swings. Her mum came out and said "Julie put the axe down, girls get off the swings. This prompted Claire Hooper to say "I hope Malcolm knows this story"

UPDATE: The full episode will be available on the video section of the GNW website (here) soon.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Zealand Votes.

9pm (11pm)
Been having internet problems. Anyway, Clark has conceded
National 46%
Labour 34%
Green 6.5%
NZ First 4.3%
Act 3.7%
Maori 2.2%
United Future 0.9%
Progressives 0.9%
98.0% votes counted

National 59
Labour 43
Green 8
Act 5
Maori 5
Progressive 1
United Future 1
(The parties likely to form a coalition are in bold)

Percentages still looking the same. They may change when bigger non-rural booths report in which should life the Labour vote a bit.

Winston Peters getting smashed by National in Tauranga. Looks like there will be no seats for the NZ First party as their party vote is under the 5% threshold.

6pm (8pm)
Antony Green reckons "The chances of national getting a majority in their own right do not look good. But National plus ACT are still looking good. Now TVNZ are publishing their prediction, I can report the models are looking like National 45.6, Labor 36.1."

5:50pm (7:50pm)
4.6% counted. National is on 49%, Labour 32%, Greens 6%, Others 13%. At the moment National looks like winning 63 seats, Labour 40, Greens 8, Maori 5, ACT 4, and JAP and UF 1 each.

New Zealanders have gone to the polls today to elect their new government. The polls point to a National minority government with the support of ACT NZ, United Future and maybe the Maori Party. Results will be updated here starting at 7pm NZ time (5pm AEDT)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Live U.S Election blog.

3:20pm (11:20pm)
McCain gives his concession speech. Boos and cries of "Bullshit" ring out when he tells the crowd he rang Obama to congratulate him. Strangely cheers and claps when he says that's it's good to see an African-American elected to the White House. Shouts of "No" when he says "Join with me in coming together to work with the new President" More boos then chanting of "John McCain, John Mcain" when McCain says "Thought we fought hard we fell short the blame is mine and mine alone" Cindy McCain gets a cheer when John mentions her and thanks her. The biggest cheer goes up when McCain thanks Sarah Palin.

3:05pm (11:05pm)
Virginia given to Obama by CBS.

Close states
Florida(84%) - Obama leads 51%-49% (158,170 votes)
North Carolina(92%) 50%-50% (McCain leads by 2,839 votes)
Indiana(94%) Obama leads 50%-49% (7977 votes)
Missouri (29%) McCain leads 50%-49% (17,840 votes)

3pm (11pm)
Obama projected to win California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii and the Presidency
Obama 284 - 145

2:15pm (10:15pm)
2% in from McCain's jome state of Arizona, Obama leads 55%-44%
EDIT: A little bit more in, McCain now leads 55%-44%

2pm (10pm)
Results from close states
Florida(64%) - Obama leads 51%-49% (86,845 votes)
North Carolina - Obama leads 50%-49% (44,259 votes)
Virginia - Obama leads 50%-49% (12,282 votes)
Indiana - McCain leads 50%-49% (4,765 votes)

1:50pm (9:50pm)
Mississippi called for McCain
Electoral Vote Projection
Obama 200 - McCain 130

1:22pm (9:22pm)
ABC projects Obama will win Ohio
12% counted there, Obama leads 56%-43%

1:15pm (9:15pm)
Maine(3%) - Obama leads 66%-32%
Massachusetts(19%) - Obama leads 62%-36%
Connecticut(23%) - Obama leads 65%-34%
New Jersey(18%) - Obama leads 53%-46%
New Hampshire(17%) - Obama leads 57%-43%
Vermont(17%) - Obama leads 66%-33%
Florida(48%) - Obama leads 52%-48%
Michigan(6%) - McCain leads 52%-47%
Illisnois(9%) - Obama leads 63%-36%
Oklahoma(13%) - McCain leads 60%-40%
Tennessee(23%) - McCain leads 58%-41%
Alabama(3%) - McCain leads 55%-44%
Georgia(39%) - Mccain leads 60%-39%
South Carolina(32%) - McCain leads 57%-42%
Indiana(65%) - McCain leads 51%-48%
West Virginia(20%) - McCain leads 52%-46%
Virginia(67%) - McCain leads 50%-49%
South Dakota(10%) - McCain leads 51%-47%

1pm (9pm)
More states being projected.

Obama now is projected to win Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, DC, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota

McCain projected to win North Dakota, Georgia, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky and South Carolina

Projected Electoral Votes
Obama 174 - McCain 76

12:30pm (8:30pm)
ABC projects McCain will win Arkansas

Obama 102 - McCain 49

12pm (8pm)
ABC projects New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, and DC for Obama

Tennessee and Oklahoma for McCain

Obama now leads 102 - 34
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

11:55am (7:55pm)Indiana(24%) - McCain leads 50%-49%
Kentucky(21%) - Mccain leads 57%-42%
Florida (10%) - Obama leads 58%-42%
Virginia (14%) - McCain leads 56%-44%
ABC has called South Carolina for McCain

11:35am (7:35pm)
Florida(2%) - Obama leads 57%-43%
Virginia(4%) - MCain leads 56%-44%

11:25am (7:22pm)
Indiana(12%) - McCain leads 51%-48%

11:15am AEST(7:15pm EST)
Indiana(8%) counted - Obama leads 50%-49%
Virginia(1%) counted - McCain leads 55%-44%
Kentucky(12%) counted - McCain leads 54%-44%

11:00am AEST (7:00am EST)
Channel 9 is showing ABC america's brodacast, Channel 7 is using NBC, CNN and their won correspondents. I'm watching 9 so most of my info will come from ABC. Based on Exit Polls ABC is Projecting Kentucky for McCain and Vermont for Obama
Current Electoral Vote Tally
McCain: 8 leads Obama 3

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some Hubdub predictions about the U.S Election.









Saturday, October 25, 2008

ACT Election: Elected Candidates

Preferences have finally been counted. Below is the final result of elected candidates.

Labor - 7
Liberal - 6
Greens - 4

1st - Brendan Smyth (Liberal)
2nd - Steve Doszpot (Liberal)
3rd - Amanda Bresnan (Greens)
4th - John Hargreaves (Labor)
5th - Joy Burch (Labor)

1st - Jon Stanhope (Labor)
2nd - Meredith Hunter (Greens)
3rd - Alastair Coe (Liberal)
4th - Mary Porter (Labor)
5th - Vicki Dunne (Liberal)

1st - Zed Seselja (Liberal)
2nd - Katy Gallagher (Labor)
3rd - Shane Rattenbury (Greens)
4th - Andrew Barr (Labor)
5th - Jeremy Hanson (Liberal)
6th - Simon Corbell (Labor)
7th - Caroline Le Couter (Greens)

Counting contiues in the ACT election.

The distribution of preferences is still going on, although we are nearing the finish line. At the moment it looks like it will be 7 Labor, 6 Liberal and 4 Greens.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

U.S Presidential Election - If the Bradley effect comes in to play.

I decided to use CNN's election calculator and pick the winner of each state using latest polls taking 5 percentage points away from Obama's vote to see what would happen if the Bradlet effect comes in to play. The general thought is that it's about 7% but experts are divided as to whether the Bradley effect is still in play so I've gone for 5%. This is not my prediction or even scitentifically accurate, it's a rough guide to what may happen if the Bradley effect comes in to play.

Using date from pollster.com and factoring 5% for the Bradley effect we end up with 276 electoral votes to Obama (270 needed to win) and 262 for McCain.

NSW by-elections: Average swing

Here are the average swings for Labor, Liberal, Greens and CDP in the 3 Sydney by-elections. It's interesting to see that average Liberal gain is more than the average Labor loss.
PartyAverage Swing %

NSW Elections: Final results and some charts

The final results for the NSe by-elections are in the post below. Labor has held on in Lakemba and Cabramatta despite huge swings. The Liberals have won Ryde, while Peter Besseling has won Port Macquarie thanks to help from the Liberal party.

Cabramatta Primary vote and swing.

Lakemba Primary Vote and Swing

Port Macquarie Primary Vote and Swing
(Peter Besseling's swing is the swing compared to Rob Oakeshott's vote and is used for comparison)

Ryde Primary Vote and Swing

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NSW by-election and ACT election update.

Update 12:00pm Wednesday: Preference results from 3 booths and the pre-polls from the ACT election came in last night. Still close to call. Looks like it will be either 7 Labor, 7 Liberal 3 Greens or 7 Labor, 6 Liberal, 4 Greens.

UPDATE: No preference results for ACT as of 8:15pm

The by-election results below have been updated with pre-poll votes added. Results with postal votes will be updated once they are counted. The full results and distribution of preferences are expected to be available 6:30pm Wednesday.

The ACT results have been updated with postal. The distribution of preferences with final results of elected candidates are expected to be available 7:30pm tonight. I will post another post with the elected candidates once they are available.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Live NSW by-election results

UPDATE: Final results.
Last Update: Thursday, 23rd 12:30pm

Cabramatta - Turnout: 86.1%
Party/NameVote %Swing




Joseph Adams









Alasdair McDonald



Chrisitan Democrats



Informal = 3%
Cabramatta 2PP
Labor 57.2% - Liberals 42.8%
2PP swing to Liberals = 21.8%

Lakemaba - Turnout: 80.4%
Party/NameVote %Swing







Robert Aitken



CDP (2)









Informal = 3.9%
Lakemba 2PP
Labor 70.5% - Liberals 29.5%

2PP swing to Liberals = 13.5%

Ryde - Turnout: 83.6%
Party/NameVote %Swing

Victor Taffa















Informal = 2%
Ryde 2PP
Liberal 63% -Labor 37%
2PP Swing to Liberals = 23%

Port Macquarie - Turnout: 88.5%
(Peter Besseling's swing is the swing away from Rob Oakeshott's vote, not his own)


Vote %Swing

James Langley



Chrisitan Democrats



Lisa Intemann









Tony Galati



Grant Rogers



Bob Sharpham



Peter Bessling



Jamie Harrison



Cameron Price



Informal = 1.8%
Port Macquarie 2PP
Peter Besseling 54.5% - Nationals 45.5%

2PP swing to Nationals = 23.7%

Live ACT Election results.

Last updated Tuesday 21st, 1:59pm

Total State Wide Vote - 88.2% counted.

PartyVote %Swing WonLikely In DoubtPrediction





























Brindibella - 90.7% counted
PartyVotesVote %QuotasSwing
















Community Alliance





Motorist Party





Ginninderra - 87.8% counted.
PartyVotesVote %QuotasSwing





















Motorist Party





Community Alliance





Molonglo - 86.7% counted.
PartyVotesVote %QuotasSwing
















Pangallo Inds





Motorist Party





Mulcahy Canberra










Community Alliance





Liberal Democrats





Friday, October 17, 2008

Port Macquarie Polling Places

PremisesAddressUnique Polling Place Name
Bonny Hills Community HallGraham Street, Bonny Hills NSW 2445

Bonny Hills
Camden Haven High SchoolValley View Road, KEW NSW 2439

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
Coopernook Public HallMacquarie Street, Coopernook NSW 2426

Dunbogan Jubilee HallThe Boulevarde, DUNBOGAN NSW 2443

Emerald Downs Community CentreEmerald Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Emerald Downs
Hannam Vale Public School1159 Hannam Vale Road, Hannam Vale NSW 2443

Hannam Vale
Harrington Public SchoolHigh Street, HARRINGTON NSW 2427

Hastings Public SchoolWainora Parkway, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Port Macquarie South
Herons Creek Public School5499 Pacific Highway, Herons Creek NSW 2443

Herons Creek
Johns River Public SchoolStation Street, Johns River NSW 2443

John Rivers
Kendall War Memorial HallGraham Street, Kendall NSW 2439

King Creek Rural Fire StationNarran Close, King Creek NSW 2446

King Creek
Lake Cathie Community HallMullaway Road, Lake Cathie NSW 2445

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
Lake Cathie
Lansdowne Public SchoolMacquarie Street, Lansdowne NSW 2430

Laurieton School Of Arts HallBold Street, Laurieton NSW 2443

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
Lord Howe Island Central SchoolLagoon Road, Lord Howe Island NSW 2898

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
Lord Howe Island
Lorne Recreation Centre941 Stewarts River Road, Lorne NSW 2439

Moorland Public School15 Church Street, Moorland NSW 2443

North Haven Public SchoolOcean Drive, NORTH HAVEN NSW 2443

North Haven
North Shore Rural Fire StationShoreline Drive, Riverside NSW 2444

Port Macquarie North Shore
Port Macquaire Base HospitalWrights Road, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
Port Macquarie Base
Port Macquarie High SchoolOwen Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
Port Macquarie East
Port Macquarie Lions ClubHastings River Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Port Macquarie Public SchoolGrant Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Port Macquarie Central
Port Macquarie Shop 2155 Horton Street, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
Port Macquarie
St Columba Anglican School3 Iona Avenue, PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444

Major Innes
St Josephs High School Regional CampusWarlters Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Settlement Shores
St Peter The Fisherman Church Hall421 Ocean Drive, West Haven NSW 2443

West Haven
Tacking Point Public SchoolBangalay Drive, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Tacking Point
Westport High SchoolFindlay Avenue, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Port Macquarie West

Cabramatta Polling Places

PremisesAddressUnique Polling Place Name
Bonnyrigg High SchoolElizabeth Drive, Bonnyrigg NSW 2177

Bonnyrigg High
Bonnyrigg Public SchoolTarlington Parade, Bonnyrigg NSW 2177

Cabramatta Community HallMcBurney Road, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Cabramatta High SchoolAladore Avenue, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Cabramatta High
Cabramatta Public SchoolLevuka Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Cabramatta East
Cabramatta West Public SchoolBroad Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Cabramatta West
Cabramatta/Fairfield PCYCRailway Parade, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Canley Heights Public SchoolCambridge Street, Canley Heights NSW 2166

Canley Heights
Canley Vale High SchoolProspect Road, Canley Vale NSW 2166

Canley Vale High
Canley Vale Public SchoolCanley Vale Road, Canley Vale NSW 2166

Canley Vale
Harrington Street Public SchoolHarrington Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Harrington Street
King Park Public SchoolHumphries Road, Wakeley NSW 2176

Lansvale East Public SchoolRiverside Road, Lansvale NSW 2166

Lansvale East
Lansvale Public SchoolChancery Street, Canley Vale NSW 2166

Mount Pritchard East Public SchoolTownview Road, Mount Pritchard NSW 2170

Mount Pritchard East
Mount Pritchard Public School104-122 Meadows Road, Mount Pritchard NSW 2170

Mount Pritchard
St Johns Park Public SchoolSandringham Street, St Johns Park NSW 2176

St Johns Park

Lakemba Polling Places

PremisesAddressUnique Polling Place Name
Belmore North Public SchoolBurwood Road, Belmore NSW 2194

Belmore North
Belmore Senior Citizens Centre38-40 Redman Parade, Belmore NSW 2192

Belmore Central
Belmore South Public SchoolNelson Avenue, Belmore NSW 2194

Belmore South
Beverly Hills North Public SchoolShorter Avenue, Beverly Hills NSW 2209

Beverly Hills North
Canterbury HospitalThorncraft Parade, Campsie NSW 2194

Clemton Park Public School175 Bexley Road, Earlwood NSW 2206

Clemton Park
Hampden Park Public SchoolHampden Road, Lakemba NSW 2194

Lakemba North
Hannans Road Public SchoolHannans Road, Riverwood NSW 2210

Hannans Road
Kingsgrove North High SchoolRichland Street, Kingsgrove NSW 2208

Kingsgrove North
Lakemba Public SchoolAlice Street, Lakemba NSW 2195

Wiley Park East
McCallums Hill Public SchoolMcCallum Street, Roselands NSW 2196

McCallums Hill
NSWEC WarehouseUnit 11, Riverwood Business Park, RIVERWOOD NSW 2210

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
Peakhurst Public SchoolBonds Road, Peakhurst NSW 2210

Peakhurst East
Punchbowl Public SchoolRossmore Avenue, Punchbowl NSW 2196

Riverwood Public SchoolUnion Street, Riverwood NSW 2210

Riverwood North
Samoan Presbyterian Church Hall1003 Canterbury Road, Lakemba NSW 2195

Lakemba Central
St Andrews Church Hall Riverwood9 Littleton Street, Riverwood NSW 2210

Riverwood South
St Therese SchoolGarrong Road, Lakemba NSW 2195

Wiley Park Public SchoolDenman Avenue, Wiley Park NSW 2195

Wiley Park West

Ryde Polling Places

PremisesAddressUnique Polling Place Name
Australian Air League HallSanta Rosa Park, RYDE NSW 2112

Santa Rosa
Brush Farm Corrective Services Academy66 Terry Road, Eastwood NSW 2122

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
Eastwood West
Denistone East Public SchoolBrabyn Street, Eastwood NSW 2122

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
Denistone East
Eastwood Baptist Church Hall3 First Avenue, Eastwood NSW 2122

Eastwood Heights Public SchoolLincoln Street, Eastwood NSW 2122

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
Eastwood Heights
Eastwood Public SchoolRowe Street, Eastwood NSW 2122

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
Kent Road Public SchoolKent Road, Marsfield NSW 2122

Kent Road
Marsden High SchoolWinbourne Street, West Ryde NSW 2114

Denistone West
Meadowbank College Of TafeSee Street, Meadowbank NSW 2144

Meadowbank Public SchoolThistle Street, Ryde NSW 2122

Ryde Heights
Morling College120 Herring Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

Lyon Park
North Ryde Public SchoolCoxs Road, North Ryde NSW 2113

Ryde North
Ryde Baptist Church HallDobson Crescent, Ryde NSW 2122

Ryde Central
Ryde College Of Tafe Banksia BuildingParkes Street, West Ryde NSW 2114

Parkes Street
Ryde HospitalDenistone Road, Eastwood NSW 2122

Ryde Hospital
Ryde Masonic Hall142 Blaxland Road, Ryde NSW 2122

Ryde Public SchoolTucker Street, Ryde NSW 2122

Top Ryde
St Anthonys Parish Hall Marsfield54 Agincourt Road, Marsfield NSW 2122

The Living Way Church Hall85 North Road, Ryde NSW 2122

Water Tanks
Truscott Street Public SchoolTruscott Street, North Ryde NSW 2113

(Fully Wheelchair Accessible)
West Ryde Public School6 Endeavour Street, West Ryde NSW 2114

West Ryde

Around the grounds - ACT Election.

Let's take a look around the grounds at what people are saying about the ACT election tomorrow.

Poll Bludger has a piece about how many seats each party is likely to win and what may happen if the Greens vote is as high as polls suggest.

Canberra Times
has an article showing incumbent Jon Stanhope has slightly increased his small lead over Zed Seselja as preferred Chief Minister.

The ABC Elections site has an article about The Greens saying they don't yet know who they would back in a minority government if they win enough seats.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

ACT Election: Polling places.

(Thanks to the ACT Electoral Commission)

Polling places for the 2008 ACT Legislative Assembly election

Below is an alphabetical list of the polling places for the 2008 ACT election. Polling places will be open between 8am and 6pm on 18 October 2008.



Ainslie Baker Gardens Pre-School - Baker Gardens

Ainslie North

Ainslie North Primary School - Majura Ave Ainslie

Amaroo Primary School - Katherine Ave Amaroo


Aranda Primary School - Banambila St Aranda



Telopea Park High School - New South Wales Cres, Barton


Belconnen Community Centre - Swanson Court Belconnen


Bonython Primary School - Hurtle Ave Bonython


Ainslie Primary School - Elder St Braddon


Calvary Hospital - Hayden Dr, Bruce


Calvary Hospital

Calvary Hospital - Hayden Dr, Bruce


Calwell High School - Casey Cres, Calwell


Campbell Primary School - Chauvel St, Campbell

Canberra Hospital

Canberra Hospital - Yamba Dr, Garran


Chapman Primary School - Perry Dr, Chapman


St Thomas Aquinas Primary School - Lhotsky St, Charnwood


Pilgrim House - 69 Northbourne Ave, Civic


Chisholm Primary School - Hambridge Cres, Chisholm


Charles Conder Primary School - Tom Roberts Ave, Conder


Curtin Primary School - Theodore St, Curtin



Canberra Girls Grammar Junior School - Grey St, Deakin


Daramalan College - Cowper St, Dickson


Downer Community Centre - Frencham Pl, Downer


Duffy Primary Schoo - Burrinjuck Cres, Duffyl



Evatt Primary School - Heydon Cres, Evatt

Evatt South

Miles Franklin Primary School - Alderman St, Evatt



Fadden Primary School - Hanlon Cres, Fadden


Farrer Primary School - Lambrigg St, Farrer


St Francis Xavier College - Barnard Circ, Florey


Fraser Primary School - Tillyard Dr, Fraser



Canberra Hospital - Yamba Dr, Garran


Gilmore Primary School - Heagney Cres, Gilmore


Giralang Primary School - Atalumba Cl, Giralang


Gordon Primary School - Knoke Ave, Gordon


Gowrie Primary School - Jeffries St, Gowrie


St Edmund's College - Canberra Ave, Griffith


Birralee Scout Hall - 5 The Valley Way, Gungahlin



Hall Pavilion - Gladston St, Hall


Higgins Primary School - Fullagar Cres, Higgins


St Judes Primary School - Mulley St, Holder


Holt Primary School - Beaurepaire Cres, Holt


Hughes Primary School - Kent St, Hughes


Isabella Plains

Isabella Plains Primary School - Ellerston Ave, Isabella Plains



Kaleen Primary School - Ashburton St, Kaleen

Kaleen South

Maribyrnong Primary School - Alberga St, Kaleen

Kambah North

Taylor Primary School - Marconi Cres, Kambah

Kambah South

Urambi Primary School - O'Halloran Crct, Kambah

Kambah West

St Thomas the Apostle Primary School - Boddington Cres, Kambah



Latham Primary School - O'Loghlen St, Latham


Lyneham Primary School - Hall St, Lyneham


Lyons Primary School - Tarraleah Cres, Lyons



Macgregor Primary School, Hirschfeld Cres, Macgregor


Macquarie Primary School, Bennelong Cres, Macquarie


Mawson Primary School, Ainsworth St, Mawson


Mr Rogers Community School - Alfred Hill Dr, Melba

Monash Primary School - Corlette Cres, Monash



Narrabundah Primary School - Kootara Cres, Narrabundah


Ngunnawal Primary School - Unaipon Ave, Ngunnawal

Ngunnawal South

Ngunnawal Neighbourhood Centre - Yarrawonga St, Ngunnawal


Gold Creek Primary School - Kelleway Ave, Nicholls


Oaks Estate

Oaks Estate Community Hall, 2 William St, Oaks Estate


O'Connor Scout Hall - Hovea St, O'Connor



St Matthew's School - Stutchbury St, Page


Palmerston Primary School - Kosciusko Ave, Palmerston


Melrose High School - Marr St, Pearce


Red Hill

Red Hill Primary School - Astrolabe St, Red Hill


Reid Uniting Church - 54 Coranderrk St, Reid


Richardson Primary School - May Gibbs Cl, Richardson



Scullin Salvation Army Hall - Ross Smith Cres, Scullin


Canberra College Weston Campus - 71 Fremantle Dr, Stirling



Tharwa Public Hall - North St, Tharwa


Theodore Primary School - Lawrence Wackett Cres, Theodore


Tuggeranong Salvation Army Hall - Corner of Anketell St and Reed St, Tuggeranong


Turner Primary School - Condamine St, Turner



Wanniassa High School - Wheeler Cres, Wanniassa

Wanniassa Hills

Wanniassa Hills Primary School - Langdon Ave, Wanniassa


Arawang Primary School - Nemarang Cres, Waramanga


Majura Primary School - Knox St, Watson


Weetangera Primary School - Southwell St, Weetangera


Weston Creek Community Centre - Parkinson St, Weston


Woden Smith Family - Corner of Easty St and Launceston St, Woden



Yarralumla Primary School - Loftus St, Yarralumla

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Federal Newspoll: 55-45

The latest newspoll on Federal voting intentions has Labor leading the 2PP vote 55%-45% according to The Australian. While the figure is unchanged from the last poll both the PM and Opposition Leader have received higher apporval ratings than last time. Rudd is up 6 point to 56% while his dissatisfaction is down 5 points to 32%. Turnbull's satisfaction rating, in his first Newspoll has sky-rocketed 15 points to 50% compared to Dr Nelson's last result of 35%. Turnbull's dissatsifaction rating is 25%, down 17 points on Dr Nelson's last result of 42%.

In a follow up article The Australia revealed the primary vote results are Labor 41%, Coaliton 38% and the Greens on record 13%. The 13% for the Greens is the equal 2nd highest result for a third in newspoll history. The highest result for a 3rd party was 17% for the Democrats in March 1990.

Kevin Rudd leads the preferred PM rating 54%-26%

Primary Votes: Labor 41%, Coalition 38%, Greens 13%, Others/Undecided 8%
2PP: Labor 55%-45%
Satisfaction: Rudd 56%, Turnbull 50%
Dissatisfaction: Rudd 32%, turnbull 25%
Preferred PM: Rudd 54%, Turnbull 26%

ACT State Election: Pre-poll locations

Note: Electronic voting is available at all pre-poll locations.


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(69 Northbound Avenue Civic)


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(Salvation Army Hall)

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(Smith Family - Cnr Easty and Launceston Streets)
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