Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tony Abbot quits, Malcolm Turnbull doomed.

UPDATE: 9:45pm - Judith Adams and David Bushby have resigned as whips.

Breaking News: 5:30pm - Tony Abbot has quit the shadow treasury in response to Malcom Turnbull's deal with the Government on the ETS. Mr Abbot has quit so he can cross the floor and vote against the legislation. He is expected to put himself up for leader in a vote with Tony Smith as his deputy. Fellow shadmow minister Sophie Mirabella has also resigned while the Liberal Ledaer in the senate Eric Abetz is also expected to resign.

This is the end of Turnbull's reign as Liberal Party leader. He won't be able to recover from this. As mentioned earlier Abbot is expected to put his hand up but I don't know why anyone would to lead the Libs to the next election, they will lose in a landslide.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A ridiculous survey by the CDP in Bradfield.

Take a look at this pile of horse manure. Sure the statements may not be "necessarily the policies of any party" but jeez, just look at the weighted questions and blatant racism. If the CDP ever wants to be taken seriously they need to stop this sort of nonsense.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CDP standing 9 candiates at the Bradfield by-election.

The Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) has pulled one of the stupidest stunts of recent times and decided to stand 9 candidates at the upcoming Bradfield by-election. Antony Green has commented on it and CDP candidate James Whitehall has had the following to say 

Antony, in response to several posts regarding the number of candidates fielded by the CDP. The CDP believes that the people of Bradfield should have the right to choose the candidate that they want. Traditionally, the major parties enter into a pre-selection process whereby many candidates (often more than the number of CDP candidates in this by election) vie for ‘pre-selection’. This process involves significant consideration of the various factions and inter-factions within the party with a result that the pre-selected candidate is selected by the final equilibrium of all factional forces, and not necessarily by their overall suitability to the role. The voters can then only vote for this single ‘pre selected’ candidate, and are denied choice. This is the case for the single liberal candidate. The CDP believes that the people of Bradfield should do the choosing, and not the factions. As such, we have not pre-selected our candidates. Each candidate contests the seat on their own merit giving the people of Bradfield a richer pool to choose from, and placing into their hands a freedom from internal party prejudices and skewed priorities.

I attempted to post the following on Antony's blog but some some strange error
Using Jame's Whitehall's logic we could have 50 people on a ballot paper. 10+ from the Libs, 10+ from Labor 5-10 from the Greens, 5-10 from CDP plus the Independents. To James - would you like to stand there (sometimes in 40 degree heat) and number 50 candidates hoping you don't accidentally make a mistake? What a load of rubbish this whole thing is, we would have a 20% informal vote rate and a lower turnout if this was to happen.

EDIT: Got the comment posted.
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