Sunday, September 16, 2012

NSW Council Election: Byron Booth Results.

Nothing much out of the ordinary with the booth results as far as I can tell. The weird thing is The Greens getting 2.99 quotas yet only electing 2 councillors, must have been a very tight preference exchange.

NSW Council Elections: Blue Mountains Booth Results

Next up we have the Blue Mountains booth results. First ward - we see a few booth wins for Labor and a few for The Greens with the Liberals winning most, second and 3third wards dominated by the Liberals with Labor dominating the fourth.

NSW Council Elections 2012: Blacktown Booth Results

In this post and ones to follow I'll be embedding the booth results from the recent NSW Council elections for selected councils, starting with Blacktown. See the tabs at the bottom for other wards. If you have any questions feel free to post a comment or ask me on twitter

Saturday, September 15, 2012

2012 NSW Council Elections - candidates elected by council

Will be continually updated as more results come in

Payments made to parties after 2010 election.

This spreadsheet is in response to a post on Facebook about compulsory. I'm using it to show why the parties probably aren't to keen to get rid of compulsory voting while we have the current public funding model - to receive funding a candidate must receive at least 4% of the first preference vote (single electorate or senate race, not nation-wide) The amount paid per vote for the 2010 election was 231.191 cents.

Document dump

Been making a few political spreadheets lately, have decided to publish them all on this blog now to make them easier to link to. Stay tuned.
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