Wednesday, December 10, 2014

#VicVotes: Preference splits in the Greens V Labor seats + Prahran

I thought it would be interesting to take a look the preference splits in the seats that ended up as a 2PP contest between the Greens and someone else. In the seats that were GNS v ALP the Liberal Party recommended to their voters to place the Greens last while in Prahran (GNS v LIB) the Labor Party recommended putting the Greens above the Libs. The table below shows the how the Liberal preferences split in Melbourne, Brunswick, Richmond and Northcote and how the Labor preferences split in Prahran.

G = Greens, L = Labor for all seats except Prahran where it means Liberal
The % flow is only from Lib (or Lab for Prahran) and not all candidates

Some of the votes from the Lib (or Lab) candidate will have come from other parties but not so many that it would make a huge difference to the numbers
*Northcote & Richmond  number not available yet

Seat G primary % L primary % % flow to G % Flow to L G 2PP
Melbourne 41.44 29.27 32.28 67.72 52.44
Brunswick 39.65 37.95 29.39 70.61 47.78
Northcote 36.21 41.01 TBA TBA 43.91
Richmond 31.41 33.30 TBA TBA 48.14
Prahran 24.76 44.83 87.02 12.98 50.35

This table will be updated as Richmond and Northcote figures are available and I may add another table with different seats or a new post with other interesting preference flows if the demand is there. Let me know by leaving a comment below or sending me a message on Twitter
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