Friday, March 7, 2008

The razor gangs plan to stop the Carers Bonus payment

I sent PM Rudd an email about this whole thing. Here it is below.

Dear Kevin07,

I am writing to you today about the plan to discontinue the $1000 and $600 bonus payments to carers. If you do this they will lose a lot of votes, not just from carers but from people who actually care about what happens to other people whether it affects them or not. I eas basically forced into being a carer for my father when my sister and brother both said they were too busy to do it. I went from earning about $500 a week when I was working to $500 a fortnight on the Carer's Pension. This $1600 I got last year was the only thing I had to look forward to all year and really helped out with some bills. Getting so little money on the Carer's Pension I basically can't afford to have a social life so when this bonus payment is made I pay the bills and treat myself to a night out.

It would cost you more money if all the carers stopped caring and you had to pay for full-time nurses for all the disabled people. This would be an absolute disgrace and make so many people mad that you might just become the first one-term government we've had in many years. I'm a Labor supporter (though you what are you doing isn't very Labor) but I'm afraid if this happens myself and many others would not vote Labor just out of spite.

Yours Sincerely,
Paul Taylor

By the way, here is news story about it.


  1. This is disgraceful. What are they thinking? There are heaps of other departments wasting heaps of money, why attack society's most vulnerable?

  2. I'm ashamed to have voted for them. This isn't a "Labor" party.

  3. These bonuses were only ever annouced as 'one offs' by the previous Howards government and were paid as apparently the country could afford it. Now we cant. And some how because they have had them for 4 years, they should be carved in stone? Receipients should be gratetful their country could help them out a bit for 4 years and accept the economic reality when it cant. The greed and welfare mentality of this country astounds me at times


  5. What the fuck are they thinking?

  6. Garrett said they were going to change everything once they got it. Seems it wasn't just a "short, jocular, conversation"

  7. Yes they were supposedly a 'oneoff' payment continued not out of concern for carers but as a 'bribe' for our vote.The surplus for the next budget is more than previously so it is affordable remember the economy is booming or so they keep telling us anyway and more to the point whats more affordable that or the $10000 per week it would cost govts. for full time paid care. I love my son unconditionally and would never despite the great difficulty would not give him up. A lot more understanding and help not just financially either would be nice ANONYMOUS!!!!!

  8. stfu anonymous


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