Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tony Abbot quits, Malcolm Turnbull doomed.

UPDATE: 9:45pm - Judith Adams and David Bushby have resigned as whips.

Breaking News: 5:30pm - Tony Abbot has quit the shadow treasury in response to Malcom Turnbull's deal with the Government on the ETS. Mr Abbot has quit so he can cross the floor and vote against the legislation. He is expected to put himself up for leader in a vote with Tony Smith as his deputy. Fellow shadmow minister Sophie Mirabella has also resigned while the Liberal Ledaer in the senate Eric Abetz is also expected to resign.

This is the end of Turnbull's reign as Liberal Party leader. He won't be able to recover from this. As mentioned earlier Abbot is expected to put his hand up but I don't know why anyone would to lead the Libs to the next election, they will lose in a landslide.

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