Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queensland Floods - Information, how to donate.and disgusting Bing Lee

Massive devestation in Queensland as wide-spread flooding engulfs the state. Flooding is also happening in Northern NSW. In Queensland, 9 people are confirmed dead with 66 still missing.

The latest news from Premier Anna Bligh (who is doing a great job in these troubling times) is that the Ipswich and Brisbane peaks are now expected to be higher than the 1974 floods.

For up-to-date information follow the #qldfloods hashtag, the  QLD Police Sevice @qpsmedia on Twitter or watch ABC News 24 or SkyNews.

To donate visit www.qld.gov.au/floods

p.s A disgusting move by BingLee using there @ilikebinglee twitter account to tell people they will donate $1 for every person who 'likes' their Facebook page. The donation is capped at $10,000. I'm not sure whose idea it was to do this but they should be sacked and Bing Lee should hang it's head in shame.

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  1. Though Bing Lee's comments were, as you point out 'disgusting' how is it any better than any of the other charity marketing going on?

    Sydney buses has large signs on them asking people to donate to Channel 9's flood appeal. Stores like Coles and Cotton On are flogging their own flood appeals.

    And really, this is something that extends further as well - pink capped bottles of water? Loaves of bread that are somehow related to Movember?

    Bing Lee was wrong but everyone's doing it.


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