Monday, September 22, 2008

Council Election results.

During the election I helped my mate's mum who was running for the Greens in Ward 5 in Blacktown. I decided to do the booth by booth percentages for them as I'm interested in statistics and all these things when it comes to elections. If anybody out there has any requests for booth resutls let me know and i'll see I can do. Let's take a look at the highest and lowest vote for each party. Full results here on GoogleDocs

Highest - 17.5% @ Whalan
Lowest - 8.4% @ Mt Druitt North
(Huge increase on the last election where the vote across the whole ward was about 8%)


Highest - 67% @ Dharruk (only ones there handing out HTVs for all but 3 hous)
Lowest - 49.3% @ Mt Druitt North

Highest - 21.2% @ Plumpton
Lowest - 11.2% @ Hassal Grove

Australia First
Highest - 9.71% @ Bidwill
Lowest - 2.46% @ Plumpton

Gavin Rboinson (Ind)
Highest - 0.96% @ Shalvey
Lowest - 0.25% @ Blackett

Informal votes
Highest - 17.75% @ Lethbridge Park (I checked this 4 times because I've never seen such a high informal vote before)
Lowest - 6.07% @ Plumpton

UPDATE: For some reason during the checking the Greens have lost about 84 votes just at Whalan. the percentages in this post are now wrong. The chart here and the ones in posts above now have the new percentages.
Here's a chart

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