Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Zealand Votes.

9pm (11pm)
Been having internet problems. Anyway, Clark has conceded
National 46%
Labour 34%
Green 6.5%
NZ First 4.3%
Act 3.7%
Maori 2.2%
United Future 0.9%
Progressives 0.9%
98.0% votes counted

National 59
Labour 43
Green 8
Act 5
Maori 5
Progressive 1
United Future 1
(The parties likely to form a coalition are in bold)

Percentages still looking the same. They may change when bigger non-rural booths report in which should life the Labour vote a bit.

Winston Peters getting smashed by National in Tauranga. Looks like there will be no seats for the NZ First party as their party vote is under the 5% threshold.

6pm (8pm)
Antony Green reckons "The chances of national getting a majority in their own right do not look good. But National plus ACT are still looking good. Now TVNZ are publishing their prediction, I can report the models are looking like National 45.6, Labor 36.1."

5:50pm (7:50pm)
4.6% counted. National is on 49%, Labour 32%, Greens 6%, Others 13%. At the moment National looks like winning 63 seats, Labour 40, Greens 8, Maori 5, ACT 4, and JAP and UF 1 each.

New Zealanders have gone to the polls today to elect their new government. The polls point to a National minority government with the support of ACT NZ, United Future and maybe the Maori Party. Results will be updated here starting at 7pm NZ time (5pm AEDT)

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