Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Question time of the election year - Live

Australia Votes will be bringing you tweets and views of the years first question time.

9:30pm - Here we go again - Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill 2010 - Presentation by Mr Combet, 1st reading, 2nd reading moved

9:20pm - australiavotes Either Julie Bishop has been hitting the gym or shes wearing shoulderpads. #qt

9:15pm - Question time still going. Julie Bishop responding to a ministerial statement on Afghanistan.

8:50pm - australiavotes Whyne (Chris Pyne) has the claws out. Just called Gillard "Our part time Education Minister"

8:40pm - So after all that we find out Alabanese allowed Abbott to put the motion asking Rudd to "Be upfront with the Austrlain people etc" so he could amend it to read This house condemns the Leader of the Oppn for being a weathervane on Climate change policy. Presenting today a climate change that is nothing but a climate con job and a con job which does less and cost more.

8:33pm - banditcountry @australiavotes Aggghhh It's a ranga comb-over http://tweetphoto.com/10227526 #qt

8:31pm ustraliavotes Does Gillard have her hair parted differently? Something doesn't look right #qt

8:30pm - Someone from the Libs tried to move a motion that the House be adjourned. Albanese shot it down and Gillard continued.

8:28pm - Gillard to make a statment on the Higher education revolution. I heard all this from the senate earlier.

8:26pm - australiavotes Ayes 79 - Nos 57. Rudd "After a 6 & 1/2 hour debate I ask that further questions be put on notice" #qt

8:25pm - australiavotes Ayes 79 - nos 57. The question now us The motion as amended be agreed to. Ayes have it, another division required, #qt

8:12pm. division in progress


8:10pm - Back to House of Reps.  Division on the Question that the Question be now put

6:15pm National Security Legislation Monitor Bill 2009 [2010] - second reading debate. Ludlam speaking.

5:49pm -  Foreign acquisition bill still being talked about.

5:24pm - SenatorLudlam @australiavotes *waves to australiavotes* #qt

5:17pm - australiavotes I can see @SenatorLudlam on his phone. Give us a wave if you're on Twitter Scott. #qt

5:12pm - australiavotes 2nd reading debate of the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeover Amendment Bill 2009. I'm about to wet myself with excitement #qt

5:10pm - Xenophon talks very quikcly and is looking like he's about to murder somebody/go insane.

5:00pm - Not much happening with HoR. Senators now talking about public interest immunity claims.

4:15pm - australiavotes @SenatorLudlam and his purple tie.  #qt

4:10pm - banditcountry I'm not a climate change sceptic but I am sceptical that any of these monkeys are capable of meaningful solutions #qt

4:05pm - australiavotes Motion to take note of committee report - Australia's judicial system and the role of judges. Riveting stuff! #qt

 3:57pm - Senator mason says the way to create demand for uni places in disadvantaged ares is to make school prinipals accountable

3:55pm - Senator Mason (subtlely) says that people from disadvantaged background don't go to uniersity, not because they can't afford it but because they don't want to. He mentions that Whitlam abolished fees and only more middle and upper class went to uni

3:53pm - australiavotes Senator Mason using his hands to talk. Some of his actions make it look like he's Madonna playing Eva Peron in Evita #qt

3:48pm - firstdogonmoon Just threw a ball at Pyne on telly! I got him! But rebound landed on many desks -- got foul looks. Small price to pay. #qt

3:45pm Senator Carr talking about University education.

3:40pm -DamienPatterson For a while there I was worried that Abbott was managing to appear like a legitimate alternative. Let's just say, #qt has allayed my fears.
cjwriter I wonder what Turnbull's making of all this? They're attacking Rudd & previous coalition policy. This is getting nasty. #qt
sabinewolff "Great big new tax!" "Working families!" "Great big new tax!!" "Weathervane!" "GREAT BIG NEW TAX!!!" #qt #in140charactersorless
australiavotes Now confusion in the senate will a simple motion. 2 votes, still not sure which way it went. We now have a division #qt  

3:26pm - Ian Macdonald claims that the ALP is running scared on climate change and that most of the ALP senators wnated to vote with them #qt
@jamesmassola Abbott is a political weather vane according to rudd. He is right. That's why Abbott is dangerous #qt
jamesmassola Rudd breaking down the figures on Ets - 8.1 million households will get assistance #qt 
3:20pm - Have switched to the Senate as Tony waffles on
Senate - Barnyard joyce just used the Paul Keating "If you don't understand it" line like Abbott did. They must have rehearsed it. #qt
Barnyard using "Massive New Tax" instead of "Great big new tax" Almost busts out "working families" #qt 
3:10pm - australiavotes Abbott still waffling on. Using his motion moving as his part of the debate. wtf? #qt
@firstdogonmoon: Comment of the day over at our Crikey liveblog "Working Families can suck my balls" #qt
nattylb Oh nice, Tony. Raise penalty rates. because industrial relations is totally your ace card. Dickwad. #qt 

3:08pm - daveholmes55 Abbott has to watch out here because the PM may just explain his ETS and show it's far better than the Lib policy #qt #fail #backfire
3:05pm - The farcical situation is still going while the live stream has gone down.
australiavotes Irony - Abbott who is stuck in the 50s says Rudd is stuck in the past #qt
Emma_Rodgers Abbott's shouting is distorting in my headphones. COPENHAGEN! #qt
smurray38 A debate on having a debate on a question that is the subject of considerable debate. We truly lack for debates don't we. #qt  
@jamesmassola: Abbott says no one in world wants an Ets- but his policy documents show 25 countries already have it #qt
2:53pm - Abbott seeks leave to move a motion to suspend standing orders and move a motion saying "This house calls on the PM to be upfront with Small business and the Australian people about his great big new tax", is granted leave by Albanese and totally wasn't prepared for that. Starts stuttering and fucking everything up.

2:50pm - @BernardKeane Easy. Every time he changes his underwear ACA are there with a camera crew. #qt

2:48pm - mfarnsworth Greg Hunt, man of principle, asks Rudd a question about the cost of running a dry-cleaning business under the ETS. #qt

philipjbarker i want to know the impact of the ETS on the cost of sausage rolls at universities #QT 
2:47pm australiavotes Rudd says Abbott has changed his position on the CPRS more than he's changed his undies #qt #greataussiesayings
2:45pm - mfarnsworth "Absolute crap" is now competing with Rudd's description of Abbott's policy as an "absolute con job". #qt

2:40pm - latikambourke Turnbull seriously looks to be snoozing. Chin on chest. #qt Definitely not tweeting :(
australiavotes Jim Turnour with a Dixer on the CPRS. #qt
2:36pm  - australiavotes Julie "Look at moi hair Kimmy" Bishop with the "Great big new tax" line. #qt
gilalbertson Can we please tax the opposition whenever they say "great big new tax" #qt #annoyingsoundbites
mfarnsworth Julie Bishop (who has adopted Abbott's incorrect pronunciation of Copenhagen) asks another question about the GREAT BIG NEW TAX... #qt 
2:34pm - australiavotes Attn: Swanny. Don't take credit for low interest rates, you will then have to take crdit if they get high #amateurmistake #qt

2:30pm - Dixer on the Reserve bank meeting. - Rates unchanged.

2:25pm - Another Dixer on the Intergenerational Report. Swan rabbits on.

2:20pm - Alex Hawke tweeting during Question Tiem. - AlexHawkeMP - Rudd announces he will debate climate change with himself #qt #alot #fb
2:16pm - latikambourke - First Dixer on Intergenerational report. 'It's all about you Wilson,' cries a Labor backbencher. #qt

2:13pm - Abbott says "Mr policy" instead of "Mr Speaker". Rudd says "I thank Mr Policy" for that question then gives a little chuckle

2:12pm - Questions without notice.

2:10pm - Abbott now giving condolences to Haiti victims.

2:10pm BriggsJamie with kelly and paul inducted into the parliament i am no longer the newest member - moving on up

2:08pm australiavotes - Rudd giving condolences to Haiti Earthquake victims. #qt
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