Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is Australia over governed?

An interesting discussion popped up on Twitter earlier about whether Australia is over governed/represented. After doing a few searches and some back of an envelope calculations We (myself (@australiavotes), @banditcountry and @The_kennel)  came up with some interesting numbers. Australia has (by my count) around 7,380 elected officials which going by the ABS population clock is 1 for every 3003 people.

EDIT: Canada was brought up as it's similar in population and size to Australia. My figure (which could be way off) is based on results I could find and includes Federal and State MPs plus regional Mayors, Councillors and schhol boards. I work it out 4100 which is 1 for every 8048 people.

1 for every 3003 people
1 for every 8048 people
1 for every 2,745  people

In 1992, The U.S had 1 for every 501 people. They elected judges, school baords, and plenty of other things though.

EDIT: Have been told by Anonymous in comments that the U.K figure is 1 for every 2,745 people.
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