Monday, April 5, 2010

Should Labor be worried?

According to Shanahan they should. He's gone through the Quarterly newspoll (which is just an aggregate of their latest polls over the last 3 months) and somehow come to this conclusion. He seems to have mainly concentrated on primary vote figures to come to this conclusion but with a rise in the vote for The Greens the 2PP won't change much as most of those votes go back to the ALP as preferences.

Here are the 2PP votes for the ALP from the 07 election then the quarterly Newspoll. Take a look and decide for yourself whether Rudd and Co, should be worried.

NSW - 53.67 (53)
VIC - 54.26 (55)
QLD - 50.50 (51)
SA - 52.40 (55)
WA - 46.74 (49)

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