Sunday, December 6, 2009

Greens booth worker assaulted by DLP booth worker. The story I was told.

Earlier today I got a call from a friend of mine who is a member of the Blacktown Greens. He and another member of the Blacktown Greens (for the purpose of this story we will call him Jim but that is not his name) were handing out HTVs at Warrawee in the electorate of Bradfield. Jim noticed that the DLP hot-to-vote cards had no "Authorised by" statement on it and went inside to complain/enquire about it. When he returned the DLP worker called 'Jim" a "fat pig" and told him to go lose weight. Other booth workers told the DLP worker to calm down and he started abusing them. After getting really angry and really loud the cops were called on the DLP worker.

According to TheTallyRoom there are reports 'Jim' was also pushed over a fence. Either my source at the Blacktown Greens didn't mention this to me or I didn't hear it. I will confirm in the morning whether or not the pushing over a fence actually happened

p.s I got the call around 3:30pm and tweeted about it here here and here

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