Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Live Senate Hearing on the ETS: Take 2 (Take 27?)

Will we get a vote today? Will there more filibusters? Oh the fun...

12pm: My video streaming seems to be replaying the vote again. I have no idea what's currently happening.

11:55am - 33 ayes (Labor + 2 Libs) , 43 nos(Libs, Greens, Nats, and independents). 2 people paired. The ETS has been defeated.

11:53am - Doors have been locked.

11:48am - Here we go. Division required. The bells have been rung.

11:40am -11:45am - Senator Wong is talking again. "The Australian people understand that you do not want to act on climate change" Ahnother argument is we shouldn't go first, other places with CRPS legislated include the European Union which includes countries like the United Kingdom, France and Germany. There's also New Zealand, Japan and the U.S with CPRS legislated. Now I'll talk about the Greens. This legislation may well fail on the Greens vote. Whatever rehtoric they may engage in, they may vote for australia's carbon emission to rise"

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