Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Live Senate Hearing on the ETS.

I'm a bit late to the party but the senate is currently sitting. Here are some updates. (Paraphrasing here as I don't do shorthand.)
10:01pm. Sitting of the Senate suspended until 10am tomorrow.
10pm - Final working families count 29Also, Joyce saying something stupid about Chine for no particular reason.
9:57pm - Joyce's working families count up to around 27.
9:54pm - Joyce still rabbiting on and talking crap.
9:51pm - Barnyard actually said something funny "Do they want us to believe that Obama is over there and he wakes Michelle and says 'Michelle I can't sleep I need to know what Rudd's doing on Emissions Trading'"
9:48pm - If you want to see a huge increase if the cost of the piece of conrete you put a house on don't vote for the Labor party.
Comment: The cost of a slab of concrete is not a huge issue in the last survey I saw Mr Joyce
9:47pm - Joyce uses the term 'working families 15 times in about seconds.
9:46pm - Joyce calls Wong arrogant and conceited for not wanting to wait for Copenhagen.
9:44pm - Barnyard busts out "Working Families"
9:43pm - Freudian slip from Joyce? "Will the ETS kill the great barrier reef? NO IT WON'T"
9:41pm - Joyce gets up and starts spouting rubbish.
9:40pm - "You are not good future you are good for the past. You have shown over the past few weeks you are a party of the past. We are a party of the future"
9:37pm :- Wong still waffling on. This woman can talk and she's scary when she's angry and in attack dog mode.
9:34pm - Eric Abetz being warned for being disorderly.
9:32pm - "They have 3 tactics, denial of the scienece, as if we have not had enough warnings. They try to hide behind delay,  they say we're rushing too much. This bill has been before the house since May, this issue has been the subject of 13 enquiries. Does anybody honestly believe more delays would get them to change their mind. 3rd is the scare campaign. The last refuge of those who want to avoid. It is easier to frighten people than to inspire them to change."
9:29pm - Back to bashing the Libs.
9:28pm - Minister Wong still waffling on. Has finally decided to get to the selling points on the ETS inseatd of a non-stop barrage against the Coaltion.
9:25pm Penny Wong is saying the Liberal Party has been hijacked by extremists and has put it's own interests instead of the national interest.
Comment: Don't both major parties do that?

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