Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2PP counts in "non-classic" seats.

The AEC is doing 2PP counts in seats where the last 2 remaining candidates count did not end up ALP v Coalition. This is to for information purposes only and to help with the national 2PP figure. These counts won't change any seat but it's interesting to see what would have happened if these seats ended up ALP v Coalition. The seats they are re-counting are Batman, Denison, Grayndler, Kennedy, Lyne, New England, Melbourne and O'Connor. This post will be updated as the AEC updates.

Seat2CP2CP%Notional 2PPNotional 2PP %
BatmanALP v Greens57.88-42.12ALP v LIB74.91-25.09
DenisonALP v Wilkie51.21-48.79ALP v LIB65.82-34.18
GrayndlerALP v Greens54.21-45.79ALP v LIB70.63-29.37
KennedyLNP v Katter68.34-31.66ALP v LNP
LyneNAT v Oakeshott62.73-37.27ALP v NAT62.45-37.55
MelbourneALP v Greens56.10-43.90ALP v LIB73.30-26.70
New EnglandNAT v Windsor71.51-28.49ALP v NAT
O'ConnorLIB v NAT53.56-46.44ALP v LIB

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