Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Senate observations.

             This post will be updated from time to time with observations about Senate results.

Victoria - With almost 80% of the vote counted, the ABC is still predicting the DLP to win the 6th spot. Richard Di Natale is currently leading the below-the-line by a fair margin. Fiona Patten of the Sex Party is 4th. (Note: The apportionment of below-the-line and ticket votes still has a fair way to go so these results may change)

Tasmania - Count and apportionment almost completed. Christine Milne leads the below-the-line vote by a mile. She has received she has 3.46% of overall senate vote just in below-the-line votes. To put it another way she has 32.8% of below-the-line votes cast. The Liberal Party's 3rd candidate (Guy Barnett) is currently leading their 2nd (Shane Parry) candidate in below the line votes by a fair margin.

NSW - Still a bit of counting/apportionment to do. Lee Rhiannon currently leading below-the-line votes.

At the moment the lead Greens candidate is leading the below-the-line vote in every single Senate contest where below-the-line votes have started being added to the results. (Some results are start of apportionment of ticket/below-the-line, others are almost done)

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