Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Green preference flows.

The AEC does not have preference flows for individual seats yet but we can work out rough estimations if we want to, I won't be doing that today. What I will be doing is showing the preference flows for those seats which had only 3 candidates, this way we can bee 100% sure that the figure is accurate.

SeatGreen to ALP %Green to Lib %GRN to ALP % 07
Barton 76.123.970.7
Average: 75.8

Interestingly, the only one of the above seat where the Greens HTV didn't reccommend a 2nd prefernce to Labor was Canberra which saw the highest flow. Also interesting is the small prefernce flow in Werriwa, I believe this is due to a pretty high donkey-vote there, with people 1 Green, 2 Liberal, 3 Labor down the ballot.
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