Saturday, October 25, 2008

ACT Election: Elected Candidates

Preferences have finally been counted. Below is the final result of elected candidates.

Labor - 7
Liberal - 6
Greens - 4

1st - Brendan Smyth (Liberal)
2nd - Steve Doszpot (Liberal)
3rd - Amanda Bresnan (Greens)
4th - John Hargreaves (Labor)
5th - Joy Burch (Labor)

1st - Jon Stanhope (Labor)
2nd - Meredith Hunter (Greens)
3rd - Alastair Coe (Liberal)
4th - Mary Porter (Labor)
5th - Vicki Dunne (Liberal)

1st - Zed Seselja (Liberal)
2nd - Katy Gallagher (Labor)
3rd - Shane Rattenbury (Greens)
4th - Andrew Barr (Labor)
5th - Jeremy Hanson (Liberal)
6th - Simon Corbell (Labor)
7th - Caroline Le Couter (Greens)
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