Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NSW by-election and ACT election update.

Update 12:00pm Wednesday: Preference results from 3 booths and the pre-polls from the ACT election came in last night. Still close to call. Looks like it will be either 7 Labor, 7 Liberal 3 Greens or 7 Labor, 6 Liberal, 4 Greens.

UPDATE: No preference results for ACT as of 8:15pm

The by-election results below have been updated with pre-poll votes added. Results with postal votes will be updated once they are counted. The full results and distribution of preferences are expected to be available 6:30pm Wednesday.

The ACT results have been updated with postal. The distribution of preferences with final results of elected candidates are expected to be available 7:30pm tonight. I will post another post with the elected candidates once they are available.

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