Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Federal Newspoll: 55-45

The latest newspoll on Federal voting intentions has Labor leading the 2PP vote 55%-45% according to The Australian. While the figure is unchanged from the last poll both the PM and Opposition Leader have received higher apporval ratings than last time. Rudd is up 6 point to 56% while his dissatisfaction is down 5 points to 32%. Turnbull's satisfaction rating, in his first Newspoll has sky-rocketed 15 points to 50% compared to Dr Nelson's last result of 35%. Turnbull's dissatsifaction rating is 25%, down 17 points on Dr Nelson's last result of 42%.

In a follow up article The Australia revealed the primary vote results are Labor 41%, Coaliton 38% and the Greens on record 13%. The 13% for the Greens is the equal 2nd highest result for a third in newspoll history. The highest result for a 3rd party was 17% for the Democrats in March 1990.

Kevin Rudd leads the preferred PM rating 54%-26%

Primary Votes: Labor 41%, Coalition 38%, Greens 13%, Others/Undecided 8%
2PP: Labor 55%-45%
Satisfaction: Rudd 56%, Turnbull 50%
Dissatisfaction: Rudd 32%, turnbull 25%
Preferred PM: Rudd 54%, Turnbull 26%

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