Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dignity For Disability Party candidate in SA election unlikey to survive brain haemorrhage

Sad news coming out of SA with the election just 13 days away.

A prominent advocate for the disabled running in the South Australian election is critically ill in hospital and is unlikely to recover.
Dr Paul Collier from the Dignity for Disability party suffered a brain haemorrhage yesterday and is in the Flinders Medical Centre.
The South Australian Electoral Commission says Dr Collier's name will remain on the Upper House ballot paper and any votes will be redirected to the party's second candidate.
The party's Lower House candidate in the seat of Adelaide, Sam Paior, says his family has urged the party to continue their fight for the disabled.
"Very sad to say he's not expected to survive this event. All of us at D4D [Dignity for Disability] are devastated at the loss and intend to shine his torch even brighter through this election," he said

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