Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29th Newspoll - 56-44

The latest Newspoll (which for some reason is not on The Australian yet) has the ALP leading 56-44 which is a change of +4% to Labor since the last Newspoll. The primary vote is ALP 43% (+4%), Libs 35% (-2%), Nats 3% (-1%) (Coalition total 38% (-3%)) and Greens 12%  (+1%).
Rudd's satisfaction is up 3 to 51% with his dis-satisfaction down 2 to 39% with a net satisfaction rating of +12. Abbot's numbers 44 (down 3), 43 (up 5) and +1 (down 8).
Labor has re-taken the lead on the question of 'Better party to handle the economy" leading 44-39. Last time  the Coalition led 45-40. Labor has increased their lead on "Better party to handle health and Medicare from 16 to 18.

(A 56-44 result on election day would see Labor win 101 seats if the swing is uniform but they never are)


  1. brilliant - knew that cocky little toad would eventually turn people's stomaches!

  2. There goes the only chance we had to get rid of the internet filter.


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