Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tasmanian State Election preview - Denison

Denison covers Glenorchy and Hobart and extends from Austins Ferry  to Browns River at Kingston. It also contains a small part of Kingbourough council.

Michael Hodgman (LIB)

Elected 2006
1. Peg Putt (GRN)
2. Michael Hodgman (LIB)
3. David Bartlett (ALP)
4. Lisa Singh (ALP)
5. Graeme Sturges (ALP)
(Cassy O'Connor (GRN) was elected in 2008 to replace Peg Putt.

2006 Vote
ALP - 46.94%
LIB - 26.55%
GRN - 24.07%
IND - 0.72%
TFP - 0.53%
SA - 0.39%
OTH - 0.81%

(Links are to either candidate website, facebook page or twitter page to help you make an informed decision.Where no link is available I will provide a small snippet about the candidate and/or policies. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order, on the ballot the order is randomised and will vary from ballot to ballot)
A. IND - Andrew Wilkie
B. ALP - Scott Bacon, David Bartlett, Madeline Ogilvie, Lisa Singh,Graeme Sturges
C. LIB - Elise Archer, Jenny Branch, Matthew Groom, Richard Lowrie, Matt Stevenson
D. GRN - Penelope Ann, Helen Burnet, Peter Cover, Katrika Franks, Cassy O'Connor
E. SA - Melanie Barnes

2 ALP, 2 LIB, 1 GRN
(I made my prediction for all seats about a week & half ago and am not going to change them during the campiagn, this may result in the predictions being way off)

Feel like making a prediction? Leave a comment and let me know.

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