Monday, March 15, 2010

Want a free Oz Lotto Ticket? Vote for Tim Parish.

It's true. Tim Parish is trying to bribe his way into office. Below are some screenshots from Tim's website in which he says the following


I understand that getting elected as an independent maybe as difficult as winning the lottery. In recognition of this, if elected, I will give every registered voter in the electorate of Bass one (1) Super 7 Oz Lotto ticket irrespective of whether they voted for me.

Now, Tim may think he can flout the rules by saying that everyone gets a ticket whether they vote for him or not but I'm almost certain this is still classed as "bribing" or "buying votes". any lawyer or Electoral Officer/Commissioner want to correct me? Here are the "terms & conditions" (I've made the text bigger)on Tim's site and below are the screen shots.

(More on this here)

UPDATE: Tasmania's Electoral Commissioner has said this is lawful. I'll repeat that, he said it IS lawful
Terms and Conditions of Election Coupon

1. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions the following words have the following meanings: “Coupon” means this election brochure distributed by Parish “Parish” means Timothy Noel Parish of 75 Low Head Road, George Town “Eligible Person” means a person who is recorded on the electoral roll as being resident Within the electorate of Bass in Tasmania and has not already redeemed a Coupon; and “Ticket” means one (1) mid week Super 7 Lotto ticket to the value of $1.10.2. An Eligible Person may redeem the Coupon in exchange for a Ticket, PROVIDED THAT: (a) Parish is duly elected in the electorate of Bass as a member of the House of Assembly of Parliament in the Tasmanian State Election to be held on 20 March 2010; (b) The limitation period for disputing the election of Parish pursuant to the Electoral Act 2004 (“Act”) has expired. (c) There is no application before any Court, Tribunal or like forum disputing the Election of Parish. 3. An Eligible Person may only redeem this Coupon by: (a) Attending at the locations, dates and times to be advertised in the Examiner Newspaper on the Wednesday following the date on which all of the events specified in clause 2 have been satisfied. (b) presenting this Coupon together with photo identification of themselves to Parish; 4. Notwithstanding any part of these Terms and Conditions, Parish may refuse to redeem the Coupon for a Ticket in the event that, in his opinion: (a) The Coupon is not genuine; or(b) The person seeking to redeem this Coupon is not an Eligible Person. 5. This Coupon is valid for three (3) months following the date on which all of the events specified in clause 2 have been satisfied. 6. An Eligible Person cannot redeem this Coupon for a Ticket other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

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