Monday, March 8, 2010

Tasmanian State Election preview - Braddon

Braddon encompasses the West and North West Coasts of Tasmania. The cities of Burnie and Devonport are included. Other major towns are Currie, Latrobe, Penguin, Rosebery, Queenstown, Smithton, Stanley, Strahan, Ulverstone, Waratah,  Wynyard and Zeehan. King Island is also in Braddon.

Steve Kons (ALP)

Elected 2006
1. Bryan Green (ALP)
2. Jeremy Rockliff (LIB)
3. Steve Kons (ALP)
4. Brenton Best (ALP)
5. Brett Whiteley (LIB)

2006 Vote
ALP - 50.84%
LIB - 37.27%
GRN - 10.31%
IND - 1.58%

(Links are to either candidate website, facebook page or twitter page to help you make an informed decision.Where no link is available I will provide a small snippet about the candidate and/or policies. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order, on the ballot the order is randomised and will vary from ballot to ballot)
A. ALP - Brenton Best, Shane Broad, Kay Eastley, Bryan Green, Judy Richmond
B. GRN - Ted Field, Claire Gilmour, David Henderson, Melissa Houghton, Paul O'Halloran
C. LIB - Adam Brooks, Grant Dunham, Leonie Hiscutt, Colin Lamont, Philip Lamont, Jeremy Rockliff, Brett Whiteley
Ungrouped - Valerie Blake, Jeremy Kidd

Valerie Blake is Domestic Engineer
Jeremy Kidd is a clown and mime.

2 ALP, 2 LIB, 1 GRN
(I made my prediction for all seats about a week & half ago and am not going to change them during the campiagn, this may result in the predictions being way off)

Feel like making a prediction? Leave a comment and let me know. 
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