Monday, March 15, 2010

South Australia Election - Upper House preferences.

Let's take a look at how some of the parties in the SA election are distributing preferences in the upper house.
(D4D = Dignity for Disability, FF = Family First, DLP = Democratic Labor Party)

ALP (Group C) - The Greens are first followed by Family First then Fair Land Tax and The Nats.  D4D is 5th, followed by a whole heap of independents and micros. The Libs are 3rd last with One Nation Last.

D4D (Group G) - First is David Winderlich's group followed by The Dems, FF and a heap of Independents and micros. The Greens, Labor and Liberal are all right towards the end but once again One Nation are in last place.

GRN (Group J) - Independents to start off. FREE Australia and D4D are pretty high. ALP is about halfway. LIB about 3/4s of the way down. FF and One Nation 2nd last and 3rd last respsectably. Trevor Grace is last of all.

FF (Group K) - Save RAH in top spot. Then the DLP, One Nation and The Shooters Party. D4D just before halfway, Libs just after halfway. Greens and a couple of Independents bring up the rear.

DLP (Gorup O) - A couple of Indys then FF and a couple of the Libs and a couple of ALP. The rest of the Libs and ALP are spread out further down. The Greens and a few more Indys are down the bottom.

LIB (Group S) - FF takes top prize here. Then Save RAH, Fair Land Tax and D4D. The Nats are halfway and The Greens are surprising high though past halfway. ALP 3rd last with One Nation last again.

NAT (Group W) - Fair Land Tax then DLP and Libs followed by ALP and D4D. The Greens are also quite high while United Party is last.

The big winners here are Dignity for Disability. I did a quick calculation and they got in in 11th place on a ton of preferences. It could be any of the smaller parties or an independent though depending on primary votes.

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