Monday, March 22, 2010

SA and Tas elections: Still counting.

UPDATE: 9:40pm Thursday - Fox (ALP) has taken the lead in Bright. She has gone from trailing Kourtesis (LIB) by 6 to leading by 144

UPDATE: 3:30pm Wednesday - Isobel Redmond has conceded defeat.

UPDATE: 5pm Tuesday - The latest Bright update sees Maria Kourtesis (LIB) leading Chloe Fox (ALP) by just 6 votes on the 2PP vote.

UPDATE: 5:05pm - Mount Gambier - Don Pegler (IND) ahead of Steve Perryman (LIB) by 724 votes on 2PP. Just waiting for postals there.

Tasmania looks like going 10-10-5 (although iElect thinks it could go 11 ALP, 8 LIB, 5 GRN and 1 IND (Andrew Wilkie)

In SA, the ALP has held on despite a pretty swing to the Liberal Party as the swing was big in safe ALP and LIB seats but quite small in the marginals. The final make up in SA looks like 25 ALP, 18 LIB and 4 IND. The Upper House in SA looks as though it will be 4 ALP, 4 LIB, 1 GRN, 1 FF and 1 Dignity for Disability.

As I said, counting is still taking place and these results may change. The most likely change would be the last spot in SA Upper House as the ABC computer counts differently to the SAEC and D4D may not be ahead in certain parts of the count using the SAEC method.

Will update when I have more news.

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