Sunday, October 12, 2008

NSW Government facing annihilation - Tavener Poll

A poll by tavener for the Sydney Morning Herald has found Labor is facing more than a 20% swing in Ryde at the upcoming by-election. A uniform swing (remembering swings are never uniform) of just half that amount at the next election would see the Liberals come storming into power.

Phillip Mithcell Tavener said "The poll shows that an enormous 41 per cent of those who say they preferred Labor in March 2007 now prefer Liberal"

"I suspect such rejection of a political party is virtually unheard of in a democratic community.

"The shift in preference from Labor to Liberal is dramatic and suggests that Labor has absolutely no chance of remaining in power at the next election without some extraordinary event occurring."

The results suggest a 2PP results of 64%-36% to the Liberal Party (a 24% swing%)

In the preferred premier stakes Barry O'Farrell won 44% to 32% with 24% undecided.

The poll also showed people think Mr Rees is a better premier than his predecessor, Morris Iemma. Despite this, 65% said the leadership change had made no impact on the way they feel about the Government.

Not all the news is good for Mr O'Farrell. Almost half of those polled rate his performance as fair or poor.

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