Thursday, June 24, 2010

Julia Gillard to be sworn in as Prime Minister today + random thoughts on it all.

Today, at 12:30pm Julia Gillard will be sworn in as Australia's 27th (and first female) Prime Minister. This has come about due to the ALP panicking over the media's reporting of 1 bad poll. The latest polls had the ALP in an election winning position, of course you wouldn't know that reading The Australian and it seems the ALP and the ABC for that matter were. It seems downrihgt moronic to me to change leaders so close to an election and when leading in the polls.

Having said that I'm a Julia Gillard fan (as my tweeps would know) and have said numerous times I can't wait for her to be PM. Let's hope she starts moving the ALP back towards the left (or at least the centre) a little bit.

My first piece of advice to Ms Gillard is to dump Conroy as Minister for Broadband, Commincations and The Digital Economy and replace him with @katelundy.
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