Sunday, June 20, 2010

Penrith by-election results and pictures.

UPDATE 12:05pm Monday: Figures now include pre-poll and postal votes.

I'm very late with the results here but I do have 1 thing some others dont, pictures I took while I touring some of the booths. I met Keneally at Penrith South Public School, she was happy to meet me until I told her I predicted an 18.2% swing to Liberals. Having said all that she looked great though. Anyway, here are the results and pictures.

Candidate Vote % Swing %
John Thain 24.5 -24.2
Suzie Wright 12.1 +6.6
Mick Saunders 2.0 New
Stuart Ayres 51.5 +18.9
David Leyonjhelm 1.9 New
Jose Sanz 0.9 +/-0
Andrew Green 4.4 -1.8
Noel Selby 2.7 New
2PP result - 66.5%-33.5% - 2PP swing 25.7%
Turnout - 85.2%
Informal - 3.2%

(My camera shit itself so pics were taken on my phone, hence pretty poor quality)


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