Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The latest polls, The Greens and terrible numbers for both leaders.

Newspoll released last night had a 2PP vote of 51-49 to the ALP. there's nothing strange about that, yesterday's Essential Research poll also had a 2PP of 51-49. What was a bit strange in the Newspoll was the primary figures. ALP 35% (-2), LIB/NAT 41% (-2) and Greens on 16% (+4)

What do you think? Do you think this poll is an outlier? Do you think will get anyhwere near 16% at the next election?

Another interesting this that both polls has shown collapse is the fall in approval and rise in disapproval of both leaders. Kevin Rudd is in negative net approval territory with Essential for the first time (-6) which is a -10% change from last time. Abbott is at -15 which is also -10%. With Newspoll, the numbers are also pretty bad with Rudd -18 (-6) and Abbott -12 (-9)

EDITL Essential's Primary numbers are 39%, 41% and 9%

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