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Penrith By-election preview.

A by-election for the NSW state seat of Penrith wil be held on the 19th June due to the resignation of Karyn Paluzzano who lied to ICAC over her actions, such as signing false staff payslips and rorting her electoral mail allowance.

Penrith has traditonally been a safe Labor seat. Paluzzano won the seat at the 2007 election with 48.7% of the primary vote and 59.2% 2PP (a swing of 2.9% to ALP) Since it's creation in 1973 Penrith has been held by Labor for all but 3 years (1988-1991).

2007 Results

CandidatePartyVote %Swing %
Karyn PaluzzanoALP48.7+2.3
Tricia HitchenLiberals32.6-3.0
Andrew GreenCDP6.2+3.4
Suzie Wright Greens5.6-0.3
Geoff BrownIndependent3.6New
Andrew MavinAAFI2.6New
Geraldine WatersDemocrats0.9+/- 0

All or some of the following suburbs are situated in Penrith
Blaxland, Cambridge Park, Castlereagh, Cranebrook, East Blaxland, Emu Heights, Emu Plains, Glenbrook, Jamisontown, Kingswood, Kingswood Park, Lapstone, Lemongrove, Leonay, Mount Pleasant, Penrith, Raaf Glenbrook, South Penrith

(Names link to candidate website if availlable)
John Thain - Thain (48) has lived in the Penrith area for 15 years. He was first elected to Penrith Council in 1999, served as Deputy Mayor 2004/05 and Mayor 2005/06

Suzie Wright - Wright has largely worked in the community and adult education sectors. attended Nepean High and has lived in the area for most of her life. She has part of the campaign protesting development on the ADI site in the area.
Key Issues:
  • Penrith deserves decent politics - The Greens believe all politicians should be transparent and accountable. We have never accepted donations from developers and have worked hard in State Parliament to put an end to the influence of corporate money on political decisions. We do politics differently by putting the community first.
  • Public Transport - For too long the residents of the Penrith electorate have been overlooked when it comes to their transport needs. The Greens stand for greater investment in public transport so that everyone can access public transport when and where they need it. More motorways will only add to Sydney's transport woes and air pollution levels. We need fast, frequent and safe buses, trains and more cycleways.
  • Overdevelopment - It's vital that Penrith's precious natural areas and agricultural land is protected. Protecting natural areas means a healthier lifestyle for each and every one of us today, as well as for future generations. The Greens have campaigned hard to save the last remnants of Cumberland Plains Woodlands and Grasslands including the ADI site and to save Sydney's food basin. We will fiercely protect Western Sydney from overdevelopment and continue to work for a more sustainable Penrith.
  • Healthy Communities - World class health services are the foundation of our community. Both State and Federal Governments have failed the people of Western Sydney by reducing services, staffing and amenity at the Nepean Hospital. The Greens would work to ensure the needs of Penrith are met when it comes to the provision of high quality public health services. We believe government also has a responsibility to prevent illness and promote healthier lifestyles. The Greens would introduce a healthy communities plan for Penrith if elected.

Mick Saunders - He has lived in Western Sydney for most of his life.He has served in the Australian Army and has worked in the railways at Penrith. He is the Australia Fisrt PArty but as they are not registered with the NSW electoral commission he will be listed as an independent.
Key Issues:  
  • There is an open plan to explode the population of Western Sydney. Land can be acquired by force and sold off to developers. Stop this population explosion and the immigration invasion of our suburbs!  
  • Public assets should remain in public hands. Get back what has been stolen!
  • Citizens' Initiated Referenda. That means people can propose laws and have them voted on. That's real democracy!
  • End the road tolls. Take State taxes off fuel. No more private roadways. Make road rules 'national' so they don't vary State to State.
  • Corruption? Make the guilty pay back the community in full

Stuart Ayres - Ayres is 29 and has lived in Penrith since 1993. He is an AFL player having played 190 games for the Penrith Rams. He would have played his 200th game this season were it not for the by-election. He also a keen horse racing man and owns shares in a couple of horses. In the past he has worked for Jackie Kelly. He is the partner of NSW Senator Marise Payne.
Key Issues:
  • Safety on Victoria Bridge
  • Revitalising Dunheved Business Park
  • Improving our local roads
  • A fast train service between Penrith and Sydney
  • Improving our local bus network
  • More resources for Nepean Hospital
  • Keeping our community safe with more frontline police
  • Cracking down on anti-social behaviour, including graffiti
  • Conserving our native bushland and water quality in the Nepean River
  • Impact of population growth on our area
  • Bring honesty and accountability back to government
  • Housing affordability and the rising cost of living
  • Quality and availability of local sporting fields

David Leyonhjelm (Outdoor Recreation Party) - David has been a member of both Young Labor and Young Liberals. He was the DLP candidate in Bennelong in the 2007 Federal election.

Jose Sanz - Jose previously worked for the Penrith Panthers Leagues Club and now works at CUA Stadium Penrith.

Andrew Green- Andrew worked for Greens Foods until 1999 when he left to become a pastor. He was the CDP candidate for Penrith in the 2007 state election, Lindsay in the 2007 federal election and Penrith Council in 2008.

Noel Selby  – A resident of Jamisontown and former local soccer coach, and Hawkesbury Community Radio Board member.
Stuart Ayres will romp in. By-elections almost always produce big to massive swings and this time won't be any difference. The task for Stuart and the Liberal Party is to try to hold Penrith at the 2011 election.

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  1. Have to agree with your prediction.

    As for the issues raised by both Greens and Libs, the reasoning behind why Penrith hasn't got the public transport available is because it has been a safe ALP seat for so long. Unless you live in the marginals, you get bugger all.


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