Friday, June 11, 2010

Netherlands General Election results.

I'm a couple of days late wuth this but here it is. Netherlands went to the polls on the 9th to elect a new parliament. All 150 seats in the House of Represenatives were up for grabs (coincidentally Australia also has 150 seats in the House of Reps)
PartyVote %SwingSeatsSeat Change
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy20.4%+5.7%31+9
Labour Party19.6%-1.6%30-3
Party for Freedom15.5%+9.6%24+15
Christian Democratic Appeal13.7%-12.8%21-20
Socialist Party9.9%-6.7%15-10
Democrats 666.9%+4%10+7
Reformed Political Party1.7%+0.1%2+/-0
Party for the Animals1.3%-0.5%2+/-0

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