Saturday, November 17, 2007

Get Up's "How Should I Vote Website" has wrong policy information about at least 1 Greens candidate.

I live in Chifley and personally know the Greens Candidate John Forrester. On GetUp's "How Should I vote" website, under the electorate profile for Chifley (on a side note the links to Antony Greens electorate profile, the AEC page on Chifely and the Wikipedia page all actually lead to pages on Cunningham, not Chifley) it has some interesting answers to a questionnaire supposedly containing answers from John himself. I called John to ask him about some of his answer because if they were true he certainly shouldn't be a Greens candidate with views like those expressed. He filled out said questionnaire and somehow they've put on different answers to what he said. John is very upset that views like those expressed have been linked to him. If the whole thing is an automated process then there could be any number of candidates who have wrong answers displayed.

Here it is
1. Corporate taxes in Australia are too high. Disagree
2. In general social security payments and other Centrelink entitlements such as Austudy, etc., are too low. Agree
3. Overall economic growth is less important than reducing the gap between the rich and the poor. Agree
4. Subsidising private health insurance is a more effective way of improving health care than increasing Medicare funding. Strongly disagree
5. There should be a national dental care scheme funded by the federal government. Strongly disagree
6. Education spending as a proportion of overall government spending should be increased. Strongly disagree
7. Teacher pay should be linked to the performance of their students. Strongly disagree
8. The Federal Government should increase funding for child care. Agree
9. Australia should spend less on defence and the military than it does now. Disagree
10. Australia should withdraw its combat troops from Iraq within the next year. Strongly disagree
11. Special laws that give police extra powers to detain, search and question suspects without charge are necessary to fight terrorism. Strongly disagree
12. Australia’s policies to deter asylum seekers are too harsh. Strongly agree
13. Australia should become a republic. Strongly disagree
14. Union power in the workplace should be reduced. Disagree
15. Australia should commit to binding greenhouse gas reduction targets to help stop climate change. Strongly disagree
16. Australia should build nuclear power plants. Strongly disagree
17. Same sex couples should have the same rights as heterosexual de-facto couples. Agree
18. Tough penalties for drug users are a better way to deal with illicit drugs than decriminalisation. Disagree
19. The Australian Government should say ‘sorry’ to Indigenous Australians for past injustices. Strongly agree

All of these highlighted go against Greens policy.

In a related story, a few people have told me that the Getup election day scorecards they sent me to hand out on election day are wrong and misleading when it comes to Labor's policy. I will be in contact with GetUp, Labor and few other people to get to the bottom of this.

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