Thursday, November 22, 2007

Reactions to Labor's Women's Budget.

My sister owns a forum for mothers so I decided to ask them their impression of and reaction to Labor's women's budget (available here as a PDF) I will post them here as they come. These ladies are your normal, everyday Australian women. If anybody reading this is a member of the Labor Party or knows their policies fell free to reply to the comments/questions raised.

Labor says: Labor wants top quality, affordable childcare for all families who need it and believes that child care needs to be a positive, educational experience for
children as well as a necessity for working parents.

They say: Who are they classing as families who need it?
Maybe they will only let working families have access to daycare.

Labor Says: The Howard Government’s Welfare to Work changes force sole parents whose youngest child turns seven to look for work. Sole parents often want to work, but struggle to find a job with flexible and predictable working conditions which allow them to fulfil their caring

They Say: So Rudd wont have this rule?
Why is it only single mums that have to look for work, how come partnered mums dont need to look for work aswell?

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