Monday, November 26, 2007

Abbot and Nelson to run for the leadership.

Hockey has said he won't contest while Mark Vaile has quit as leader of the Nationals.

More details here

Latest results from the close seats - Labor's lead in Swan is just 35 votes

All results below include votes from all booths and pre-poll votes. No postal or absentee votes results are in yet.

Dickson: McNamara (Lab) leads the 2PP vote 50.28% to 49.72% (389 votes)

Herbert: Colbran (Lab) leads 50.27% to 49.73% (390 votes)

Latrobe: Cocks (Lab) leads 50.27% to 49.73% (378 votes)

Macarthur: Farmer (Lib) leads 50.25% to 49.75% (320 votes)

The results below still have some booths to report (all small ones from hospitals, nursing homes or prisons)

McEwen: Mitchell (Lab) leads 50.20% to 49.80% (315 votes)

Bowman: Young (Lab) leads 50.16% to 49.84% (223 votes)

Swan: Wilkie (Lab) leads 50.03 to 49.97% (35 votes)

Latest results

Party NSW VIC QLD WA SA TAS ACT NT Total Divisions Won
This Election Last Election
Liberal 14 12 7 10 5 0 0 0 48 74
Australian Labor Party 28 21 15 4 6 5 2 2 83 60
The Nationals 5 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 10 12
CLP - The Territory Party 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Independent 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 3
DOUBTFUL 1 2 3 1 0 0 0 0 7 0
TOTAL 49 37 29 15 11 5 2 2 150 150
COUNTED % 77.02 76.05 75.75 77.93 81.50 84.25 75.94 69.59 77.07

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Costello won't contest the Liberal Party leadership.

Turnbull will though. Costello knew the only way he would ever be PM was if he inherited it from Howard. He knew would never win an election as leader, much like Beazley.

OUTGOING treasurer Peter Costello says he will step back from politics following last night's election loss and will not stand for the leadership or deputy leadership of the Liberal Party.

Mr Costello said he had decided not to stand for the position of Opposition leader, but would continue to serve as the member for the Melbourne seat of Higgins.

"I've discussed this with my family and my wife Tanya, who is here with me today, and we have decided that in fact the time has come for me to open a new chapter in my life,'' Mr Costello said.

Swan Updates as they happen.

1 of the 3 booths that didn't return results have now been counted. The 191 votes are from a nursing home. 186 of the votes were formal with Steve Irons (Lib) receiving 105 (56.45%) of them, Kim Wilkie (Lab) 76 (40.86%)

The new 2PP is 50.07% - 40.93% to Labor.

Update: Anther hospital count in, we're now only waiting on the prison.

Latest 2pp is 50.03% - 49.97%

This is going to go down to postal votes.

State-by-state swing

Here are the current national and state-by-state swings. These results may change by a little bit either way as more votes are counted.

Labor +5.8%
Liberal -4.4%
Nationals -0.4%
Greens +0.6%
Family First +/- 0%
Others -1.9%

Labor +7.4%
Liberal +-3.6%
Nationals -1.3%
Greens -0.2%
Family First +0.1%
Others -2.4%

Labor +4.4%
Liberal -5.5%
Nationals -0.5%
Greens +0.7%
Family First +0.7%
Others +0.1%

Labor +8.3%
Liberal -5.2%
Nationals +0.3%
Greens -0.6%
Family First -1.5%
Others -2.6%

Labor +2%
Liberal -2%
Nationals -0.5%
Greens +1.3%
Family First +0.9%
Others -2.8%

Labor +6.5%
Liberal -5.7%
Nationals +0.7%
Greens +1.5%
Family First -0.2%
Others -2.3%

Labor -1.4%
Liberal -4.1%
Greens +3.6%
Family First -0.6%
Others +2.5%


Labor +0.7%
Liberal -2%
Greens +2.5%
Others -1.3%

Labor +3.1%
Liberal -2.7%
Greens +1.9%
Others -1.3%

Final Macarthur booth results in.

Final booth results from Macarthur are in. The 2pp figure is 50.18 to 49.82, this represents a swing to the ALP of 10.97%. This seat can still go either way with postal still to be counted. The ABC is predicting a Liberal retain.

Meanwhile in Swan, we're still waiting for results from 2 hospitals and a prison. The ALP are currently leading the 2pp votes by 269 votes. As with Macarthur this seat could still go either way.

New look of the senate - Nick Xenephon in, Democrats wiped out.

The Greens will be disappointed not to pick up the second A.C.T seat. They also failed to get Kerry Nettle re-elected.

Note: This is a guide only. Final outcome may depend on "below the line" votes.

Party Continuing New Total
Liberal/National Coalition 19 18 37
Australian Labor Party 14 18 32
The Greens 2 3 5
Family First 1 0 1
Others (Nick Xenephon)
0 1 1

1 ARBIB Mark Australian Labor Party
2 COONAN Helen Liberal Party
3 CAMERON Doug Australian Labor Party
4 WILLIAMS John National Party
5 STEPHENS Ursula Australian Labor Party
6 PAYNE Marise Liberal Party

1 COLLINS Jacinta Australian Labor Party
2 FIFIELD Mitch Liberal Party
3 MARSHALL Gavin Australian Labor Party
4 KROGER Helen Liberal Party
5 FEENEY David Australian Labor Party
6 RYAN Scott Liberal Party

1 MACDONALD Ian Douglas Liberal Party
2 HOGG John Joseph Australian Labor Party
3 BOYCE Sue Liberal Party
4 MOORE Claire Australian Labor Party
5 BOSWELL Ron National Party
6 FURNER Mark Australian Labor Party

1 JOHNSTON David Liberal Party
2 PRATT Louise Australian Labor Party
3 EGGLESTON Alan Liberal Party
4 BISHOP Mark Australian Labor Party
5 CASH Michaelia Liberal Party
6 LUDLAM Scott Australian Greens

1 FARRELL Don Australian Labor Party
2 BERNARDI Cory Liberal Party
3 XENOPHON Nick Independent
4 WONG Penny Australian Labor Party
5 BIRMINGHAM Simon Liberal Party
6 HANSON-YOUNG Sarah Australian Greens

1 SHERRY Nick Australian Labor Party
2 COLBECK Richard M Liberal Party
3 BROWN Bob Australian Greens
4 BROWN Carol Australian Labor Party
5 BUSHBY David Liberal Party
6 BILYK Catryna Australian Labor Party

1 LUNDY Kate Australian Labor Party
2 HUMPHRIES Gary Liberal Party

1 CROSSIN Trish Australian Labor Party
2 SCULLION Nigel Country Liberal Party

Changing seats

Electorate Swing Predict
Bass 4.03% to ALP ALP GAIN
Bennelong 5.97% to ALP ALP GAIN
Blair 10.63% to ALP ALP GAIN
Bonner 5.72% to ALP ALP GAIN
Bowman 9.18% to ALP ALP GAIN
Braddon 2.74% to ALP ALP GAIN
Corangamite 7.23% to ALP ALP GAIN
Dawson 13.4% to ALP ALP GAIN
Deakin 7.44% to ALP ALP GAIN
Dickson 9.24% to ALP ALP GAIN
Dobell 8.96% to ALP ALP GAIN
Eden-Monaro 7.41% to ALP ALP GAIN
Flynn 8.85% to ALP ALP GAIN
Forde 14.57% to ALP ALP GAIN
Hasluck 3.33% to ALP ALP GAIN
Herbert 6.61% to ALP ALP GAIN
Kingston 4.64% to ALP ALP GAIN
Leichhardt 14.78% to ALP ALP GAIN
Lindsay 10.12% to ALP
Longman 10.73% to ALP ALP GAIN
Makin 9.23% to ALP ALP GAIN
Moreton 7.86% to ALP ALP GAIN
Page 8.12% to ALP ALP GAIN
Parramatta * 8.07% to ALP ALP GAIN
Petrie 9.93% to ALP ALP GAIN
Robertson 7.61% to ALP ALP GAIN
Solomon 3.8% to ALP ALPGAIN
Wakefield 7.75% to ALP ALP GAIN
Cowan 1.98% to LIB LIB GAIN
Swan 0.16% to LIB ALP AHEAD

Swan is the only that is too close to call.

Labor wins

Reactions from around the world

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has admitted defeat in the country's general election, and looks set to lose his parliamentary seat.
Mr Howard said he had telephoned Labor leader Kevin Rudd "to congratulate him on an emphatic victory".
Mr Rudd said the country had "looked to the future" and he pledged to be a prime minister "for all Australians".
With 70% of votes counted, Labor were on course to win the 76 seats needed to form a government.
More than 20 constituencies from a total of 150 are still to produce a result, but Labor already has 72 seats compared with 48 for Mr Howard's Liberal-National coalition.


Opposition leader Kevin Rudd greeted jubilant supporters Saturday night, as he promised changes in environmental, education and workplace policies as Australia's new prime minister.
"I will be a prime minister for all Australians," he told the cheering crowd. "Let us be the generation that seizes the opportunity of today to invest in the Australia of tomorrow. That's the mission statement we have as the next government of this country."
He added, "I want to do it with all of us working together."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sky News exit polls - Labor has won

According to exit polls in the 31 most marginal seats commissioned by SkyNews Labor has won the 2pp 53%-47%. Bennelong also has Labor on 53% to 47% while the "bellwether" seat on Eden-Monaro will be won by Labor with a 2PP of 58% to 42%. Channel 7 has reported an exit poll shows a 5% swing to Labor in Braddon.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Nielsen Poll: 57-43 to Labor

The Coalition is gone according to the latest Herald/Nielsen poll. Labor is on track to record one of the biggest swings against a government since World War II,

Labor leads on primaries 48% to 40 %, giving it a two-party-preferred lead of 57% to 43%.

This represents a 10 per cent swing to Labor .

Sample size = 2071.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Prediction: Labor to take Kalgoorlie

I have no evidence to back this up, just a hunch. The government is polling well in W.A and they need a 6.3% swing against them to lose the seat. You can a good price of $3.15 at Sportingbet for the Labor candidate taking the seat.

UPDATE: Labor out to $3.80

Reactions to Labor's Women's Budget.

My sister owns a forum for mothers so I decided to ask them their impression of and reaction to Labor's women's budget (available here as a PDF) I will post them here as they come. These ladies are your normal, everyday Australian women. If anybody reading this is a member of the Labor Party or knows their policies fell free to reply to the comments/questions raised.

Labor says: Labor wants top quality, affordable childcare for all families who need it and believes that child care needs to be a positive, educational experience for
children as well as a necessity for working parents.

They say: Who are they classing as families who need it?
Maybe they will only let working families have access to daycare.

Labor Says: The Howard Government’s Welfare to Work changes force sole parents whose youngest child turns seven to look for work. Sole parents often want to work, but struggle to find a job with flexible and predictable working conditions which allow them to fulfil their caring

They Say: So Rudd wont have this rule?
Why is it only single mums that have to look for work, how come partnered mums dont need to look for work aswell?

The Libs are getting desperate.

Trying to shift the attention to security but failing miserably like their whole campaign, a leaflet has been released in Lindsay "allegedly" by 2 members of the Liberal party (Gary Clark who is Jackie Kelly's husband and party state executive member Jeff Egan) purporting to be from the (non-existent) Islamic Federation Australia. The group was said to be backing Kevin Rudd because Labor supported forgiveness for "our Muslim brothers who have been unjustly sentenced to death for the Bali bombings". It also said Labor endorsed construction of a mosque in St Marys.

More details here
See the leaflet here

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My prediction

I decided to make my Crikey prediction easier to read. The output they give you to keep for your own record is what I put in the earlier post but is quite difficult to read.

Basically it says: HoR: Labor 88 - Coalition 60 - Others 2.
Senate: Labor 19 - Coalition 15 - Greens 6

Liberals say 13 Labor candidates are ineligible

THE Liberal Party has claimed 13 Labor candidates are ineligible to stand in Saturday's federal election, including the man whom polls suggest could knock Malcolm Turnbull out of Parliament.

Labor called the claims "baseless".

According to Liberal Party headquarters, the 13 hopefuls are all ineligible because they failed to resign from Commonwealth jobs before nominating for parliament.

Liberal campaign spokesman Andrew Robb has said his party may challenge election results in court if candidate they believe were ineligible won seats on Saturday.

Full story here

Turnbull rules out Lib leadership

High profile Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he doesn't foresee himself as a future leader of the Liberal Party.

The Environment Minister said today Treasurer Peter Costello would be the party's next leader, a sentiment echoed by Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer.

At a joint media conference in Adelaide, Mr Turnbull and Mr Downer said there was no question Mr Costello would be the next Liberal leader.

"Alexander and I agree, Peter Costello will be the next leader of the Liberal Party," Mr Turnbull told reporters.

"I don't foresee myself as being anything other than the Member for Wentworth and the Minister for the Environment.

"I live very much in the here and now, I have learnt in my life that if you focus on doing the job that you have got well, do the task at hand well, then the future will look after itself.

The Age

Galaxy Poll in the marginals and Joe hockey in trouble.

The Sydney Morning Herald has revealed a poll conducted by Galaxy in some marginal seats for the SBS' Insiders program has Labor leading 58-42 in Dobell (NSW), Eden-Monaro (NSW), Blair (Qld), Moreton (Qld), Deakin (Vic), Stirling (WA) and Wakefield (SA).

No details on sample size or dates. Hopefully all is revealed on Insiders.

The same article also mentions Joe Hockey is in trouble in North Sydney with himself and Bailey on 50-50 2PP.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Crikey Election Tipping Competition

Crikey is running an election tipping competition where the winner receives $250 worth of wine.

Here's my picks
ACT Coalition H of R <0>
ACT Labor H of R<2>
ACT Other H of R<0>
NSW Coalition H of R<19>
NSW Labor H of R<29>
NSW Other H of R<1>
N.T. Coalition H of R<0>
N.T. Labor H of R<2>
N.T. Other H of R<0>
Qld Coalition H of R<13>
Qld Labor H of R<15>
Qld Other H of R<1>
SA Coalition H Of R<4>
SA Labor H of R<7>
SA Other H of R<0>
Tas Coalition H of R<0>
Tas Labor H of R<5>
Tas Other H of R<0>
Vic Coalition H of R<14>
Vic Labor H of R<23>
Vic Other H of R<0>
WA Coalition H of R<10>
WA Labor H of R<5>
WA Other H of R<0>
ACT Coalition SENATE<0>
NSW Coalition SENATE<2>
N.T.Coalition SENATE<1>
N.T. Labor SENATE<1>
N.T.Green SENATE<0>
N.T. Other SENATE<0>
Qld Coalition SENATE<2>
Qld Labor SENATE<3>
Qld Green SENATE<1>
Qld Other SENATE<0>
SA Coalition SENATE<2>
SA Labor SENATE<3>
SA Green SENATE<1>
SA Other SENATE<0>
Tas Coalition SENATE<2>
Tas Labor SENATE<3>
Tas Green SENATE<1>
Tas Other SENATE<0>
Vic Coalition SENATE<2>
Vic Labor SENATE<3>
Vic Green SENATE<1>
Vic Other SENATE<0>
WA Coalition SENATE<3>
WA Labor SENATE<2>
WA Green SENATE<1>
WA Other SENATE<0>
Coalition primary H of R vote %<38>

Nielsen Poll in Wentworth - 52-48 to Labor

According to the latest Nielsen poll published in the SMH, Malcolm Turnbull will lose his seat if the results were repeated on election day. Turnbull is on 45% of the primary vote with Labor candidate George Newhouse on 36% and the Greens' Susan Jarnason on 17%. Danielle Ecuyer and seven other candidates have only 2 per cent between them. Almost nine in 10 respondents planning to vote for the Greens or other minor candidates intended to give their preferences to Mr Newhouse.

The Wentworth poll used the names of the candidates as well as their parties, and was conducted from last Monday to Wednesday night. Therefore it did not measure the full impact of Wednesday's revelation in the Herald that Mr Newhouse's nomination might be invalid because of allegations he failed to resign in time from a part-time State Government post. The Liberal Party has threatened a challenge to force a by-election if Mr Newhouse wins. Mr Newhouse says he has advice showing his nomination is valid.

Nielsen's polling director, John Stirton, said the poll's 3 per cent margin of error and the tumult over Mr Newhouse meant the contest was too close to call. "This poll probably represents a best case for Labor with a week to go."

Kevin Rudd Woos Home State

KEVIN Rudd plans for Queensland to become a financial hub for the Asian region if Labor wins Saturday's federal election.

In an exclusive interview with The Courier-Mail, the Opposition Leader also launched a scathing attack on John Howard, accusing the Prime Minister of being Sydney-centric and taking his Queensland powerbase for granted.

"The great thing about coming from Queensland is that you understand the nation is very big and does go beyond its two largest centres," Mr Rudd said.

At the start of a furious final week of campaigning to be marked by scare tactics from both sides, Mr Rudd spoke of his dreams for a world-class broadband network to overcome the tyranny of distance and open economic opportunities for his home state.

Full Story

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Update on the "How Should I Vote" Situation

The questionnaire has been fixed. Whether it was human error or an error created by an automated process I'm not sure. I will try to find exactly what went wrong and whether the same thing has happened to other candidates.

Blog Readability Level

cash advance

p.s It's total bullshit if you ask me

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Get Up's "How Should I Vote Website" has wrong policy information about at least 1 Greens candidate.

I live in Chifley and personally know the Greens Candidate John Forrester. On GetUp's "How Should I vote" website, under the electorate profile for Chifley (on a side note the links to Antony Greens electorate profile, the AEC page on Chifely and the Wikipedia page all actually lead to pages on Cunningham, not Chifley) it has some interesting answers to a questionnaire supposedly containing answers from John himself. I called John to ask him about some of his answer because if they were true he certainly shouldn't be a Greens candidate with views like those expressed. He filled out said questionnaire and somehow they've put on different answers to what he said. John is very upset that views like those expressed have been linked to him. If the whole thing is an automated process then there could be any number of candidates who have wrong answers displayed.

Here it is
1. Corporate taxes in Australia are too high. Disagree
2. In general social security payments and other Centrelink entitlements such as Austudy, etc., are too low. Agree
3. Overall economic growth is less important than reducing the gap between the rich and the poor. Agree
4. Subsidising private health insurance is a more effective way of improving health care than increasing Medicare funding. Strongly disagree
5. There should be a national dental care scheme funded by the federal government. Strongly disagree
6. Education spending as a proportion of overall government spending should be increased. Strongly disagree
7. Teacher pay should be linked to the performance of their students. Strongly disagree
8. The Federal Government should increase funding for child care. Agree
9. Australia should spend less on defence and the military than it does now. Disagree
10. Australia should withdraw its combat troops from Iraq within the next year. Strongly disagree
11. Special laws that give police extra powers to detain, search and question suspects without charge are necessary to fight terrorism. Strongly disagree
12. Australia’s policies to deter asylum seekers are too harsh. Strongly agree
13. Australia should become a republic. Strongly disagree
14. Union power in the workplace should be reduced. Disagree
15. Australia should commit to binding greenhouse gas reduction targets to help stop climate change. Strongly disagree
16. Australia should build nuclear power plants. Strongly disagree
17. Same sex couples should have the same rights as heterosexual de-facto couples. Agree
18. Tough penalties for drug users are a better way to deal with illicit drugs than decriminalisation. Disagree
19. The Australian Government should say ‘sorry’ to Indigenous Australians for past injustices. Strongly agree

All of these highlighted go against Greens policy.

In a related story, a few people have told me that the Getup election day scorecards they sent me to hand out on election day are wrong and misleading when it comes to Labor's policy. I will be in contact with GetUp, Labor and few other people to get to the bottom of this.

It's The Final Countdown

1 week to go, a week which will most likely decide the fate and future of the Liberal Party. A week which will decide whether the Liberals simply lose government or are all but annihilated. A week in which John Howard may be only the 2nd PM in history to lose his seat. A week which will decide how big the swing and Labor's majority (As they say, when the swing is on, the swing it's on.) A week which will decide who the next leader of the Liberal Party.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's The Final Countdown

Friday, November 16, 2007


Image from the brilliant Mysticaura at the ConsoleWarsAustralia forum.

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Ruddkip is a blue-and-orange, four-legged, amphibian. It is one of the three starter Pollemon in Australia . The fin on Ruddkip's head acts as a highly sensitive radar. Using this fin to sense movements of opinion polls, Ruddkip can determine what is taking place around it without using its eyes. When in water, Ruddkip breathes using the gills on its cheeks. On land, it can powerfully lift large boulders by planting its four feet and heaving. It sleeps by burying itself in soil at the water's edge. Its large tail fin propels it through water with powerful acceleration. If it is faced with a tight situation in battle, Ruddkip will become strong enough to crush eyebrows bigger than itself.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Climate Change Coaliton Senate Preferences

A few people have asked me how the Climate Change Coalition are preferencing. I've also been getting a few people coming to this blog after googling to try to find out how they are preferencing. I didn't include them in my state-by-state run down of preferences so here they are.
(Note: They aren't running in Tasmania or the Northern Territory)
1 NEWELL Patrice Climate Change Coalition
2 KRUSZELNICKI Karl Climate Change Coalition
3 SHUMACK Lyn Australian Democrats
4 KING David Australian Democrats
5 PATERSON Brett Australian Democrats
6 CAINES Justine What Women Want
7 ROBINSON Janette What Women Want
8 BRIDGE Garth Fishing Party
9 PATERSON Stewart Fishing Party
10 CARTER Marylou Carers Alliance
11 BROWN Nell Carers Alliance
12 NERO Silvana Independent
13 NETTLE Kerry Greens
14 SHOEBRIDGE David Greens
15 ELLA-DUNCAN Marcia Greens
16 MUNDEY Jack Greens
17 HO Christina Greens
18 HEILPERN Sandra Greens
19 MOCKLER Mary Carers Alliance
20 CLARK Katrina Carers Alliance
21 REILLY Pat Senator On-Line
22 BRYCE Ian R Independent
23 AUGUST John P Independent
24 DER SARKISSIAN Berge Senator On-Line
25 BAINBRIDGE Alex Socialist Alliance
26 PRICE Susan Socialist Alliance
27 EMANUEL Kamala Socialist Alliance
28 DOBSON Tim Socialist Alliance
29 MARKWELL Andrew Family First
30 GRAY Kathy Family First
31 BURSTON Brian Pauline's United Australia Party
32 CARTER John E Pauline's United Australia Party
33 NEWSON Judith One Nation
34 WEBBER Andrew One Nation
35 BUSSA Peter One Nation
36 FREW Andy One Nation
37 BORSAK Robert Australian Shooters Party
38 SHAW Robert Australian Shooters Party
39 MUIRHEAD Jim Australian Shooters Party
40 HESTELOW Andrew Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
41 MORGAN Thomas Idris Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
42 GEREMIN John Non-Custodial Parents
43 FOSTER Roland Non-Custodial Parents
44 BEAMS Nick Socialist Equality party
45 DIVJAK Carol Socialist Equality party
46 JAMES Pauline Labor Party
47 SEATON Fiona Labor Party
48 ESBER Pierre Labor Party
49 STEPHENS Ursula Labor Party
50 CAMERON Doug Labor Party
51 ARBIB Mark Labor Party
52 PETERSEN Terje Liberty and Democracy Party
53 BEREGSZASZI Janos Liberty and Democracy Party
54 McLENNAN Toni Hear Our Voice
55 CARROLL Lindsay Hear Our Voice
56 LAWLER Ann Citizens Electoral Council
57 McCAFFREY Ian David Citizens Electoral Council
58 CURRIE Carolyn Liberal Party
59 McGAHEY Vicky Liberal Party
60 LEES Murray National Party
61 PAYNE Marise Liberal Party
62 WILLIAMS John National Party
63 COONAN Helen Liberal Party
64 O'DONOHUE Michael Democratic Labor Party
65 O'DONOHUE Terence Markham Democratic Labor Party
66 WOLDRING Klaas Independent
67 BRADLEY Max Independent
68 TINYOW Walter Independent
69 CHAN Maria Independent
70 NADAS Paula Independent
71 LEVY Curtis Independent
72 STEFANAC Jennifer Independent
73 GREEN Paul Christian Democrats
74 NILE Elaine Christian Democrats
75 LOTFIZADEH Allan Christian Democrats
76 PILT Peter Christian Democrats
77 YORK Bruce Christian Democrats
78 McNEALL Richard Keith Conservatives for Climate and Environment
79 MAXFIELD James David Conservatives for Climate and Environment
1 HOWARD Ainslie Climate Change Coalition
2 ROZAIRO Sashikala Climate Change Coalition
3 ALLISON Lyn Australian Democrats
4 COLLINS Jacinta Labor Party
5 DI NATALE Richard Greens
6 PLUMRIDGE Gary Family First
7 FIFIELD Mitch Liberal Party
8 HALL Brendan Non-Custodial Parents
9 PARKER Brett Australian Shooters Party
10 RASKOVY Steve Conservatives for Climate and Environment
11 CLANCY Steve Liberty and Democracy Party
12 PERKINS John Independent
13 RHODES Junelle Carers Alliance
14 GIBILISCO Peter Carers Alliance
15 KARADIMOS Patricia Carers Alliance
16 CHIPP Greg Australian Democrats
17 MARSHALL Gavin Labor Party
18 RAWSON Miriam Family First
19 O'CONNOR Jenny Greens
20 SAW Geoff Liberty and Democracy Party
21 LEWAND Viesha Conservatives for Climate and Environment
22 CONWAY Andrew Independent
23 McCUBBIN Jo Australian Democrats
24 FEENEY David Labor Party
25 GRAHAM Matt Australian Shooters Party
26 PODBURY Monique Family First
27 ZABANEH John Non-Custodial Parents
28 BHATHAL Alexandra Greens
29 LEWIS Marg Labor Party
30 WILLIS Chris Family First
31 LOVE Madeleine What Women Want
32 THOMPSON Robyn What Women Want
33 ROSE Robert Senator On-Line
34 HEATH Clare Family First
35 KROGER Helen Liberal Party
36 BYRNE Peter Socialist Equality party
37 MULHOLLAND John Democratic Labor Party
38 FLOOD Gerry Democratic Labor Party
39 LA MANNA Pat Democratic Labor Party
40 EVELYN-LIARDET Teresa Democratic Labor Party
41 REIHER Jim Greens
42 PHAM Hoa Greens
43 HENLEY Emma Greens
44 WALKER Norman Independent
45 O'BRYAN Darryl Independent
46 GROVES Llewellyn John One Nation
47 SENER Tejay M Independent
48 BAPTIST Tania Socialist Equality party
49 TOSCANO Joseph Independent
50 PIERCE Jude Independent
51 WELLS Ken Democratic Labor Party
52 CREA Paul Democratic Labor Party
53 RYAN Scott Liberal Party
54 SWAYN Simon National Party
55 AFFLECK Rachel Citizens Electoral Council
56 ISHERWOOD Katherine Citizens Electoral Council
57 WINDISCH Margarita Socialist Alliance
58 SMITH Jeremy Socialist Alliance
59 McDONALD Ewan Angus Christian Democrats
60 CLARNETTE Dallas Christian Democrats
61 KALINIY Joseph Independent
62 MESARITIS Koulla Independent
63 KLEIN Tony Independent
64 KLEIN Amanda Independent
65 BOWN SEELEY Ann Family First
66 BARRETT Jenny Senator On-Line
67 STEEL Nick One Nation
68 SHORE Daniel One Nation
W.A (Ticket 1)
1 WARDEN Gary Climate Change Coalition
2 BISHOP Sarah Climate Change Coalition
3 BASDEN Meryki What Women Want
4 LANE Saywood What Women Want
5 LEWIN Erica Australian Democrats
6 OLVER Rob Australian Democrats
7 HODDY Don Australian Democrats
8 KETTLE Gerard Conservatives for Climate and Environment
9 ANTON Shirley Conservatives for Climate and Environment
10 ROSE Linda Family First
11 FABIAN Cathie Family First
12 FUHRMANN Steve Family First
13 HOYER Thomas Carers Alliance
14 PRIMEAU Shirley Ann Carers Alliance
15 WYNNE Eric Independent
16 FITZGERALD Kevin Independent
17 CAMPBELL Graeme Independent
18 FISCHER John Independent
19 GRAHAM Russell Independent
20 GIBSON Geoff Independent
21 ARMSTRONG Jennifer Independent
22 TAN Michael Independent
23 McNAUGHT Richard Independent
24 DABROWSKI Edward Independent
25 HAWKINS Trent Socialist Alliance
26 GRAY Julie Socialist Alliance
27 DIXON Geoff Non-Custodial Parents
28 WARD Mike Non-Custodial Parents
29 BOULGER Bob Democratic Labor Party
30 MILLER Eric Democratic Labor Party
31 HOPKINSON James One Nation
32 McLEAN Ron One Nation
33 MAYER Daniel J Senator On-Line
34 LAMONT Zoe Senator On-Line
35 GOIRAN Gerard Christian Democrats
36 WATT Peter Christian Democrats
37 WHELAN Peter Liberty and Democracy Party
38 PARKER Daniel M Liberty and Democracy Party
39 LUDLAM Scott Greens
40 XAMON Alison Greens
41 ROY Brenda Greens
42 ROBINSON Jean Citizens Electoral Council
43 SMITH Stuart Citizens Electoral Council
44 CROOK Tony John National Party
45 DUNCAN Wendy National Party
46 JOHNSTON David Liberal Party
47 EGGLESTON Alan Liberal Party
48 CASH Michaelia Liberal Party
49 MISCHIN Michael Liberal Party
50 MOURITZ Jane Liberal Party
51 BROWN Matt Liberal Party
52 PRATT Louise Labor Party
53 BISHOP Mark Labor Party
54 WEBBER Ruth Labor Party
W.A Ticket 2
1 WARDEN Gary Climate Change Coalition
2 BISHOP Sarah Climate Change Coalition
3 BASDEN Meryki What Women Want
4 LANE Saywood What Women Want
5 LEWIN Erica Australian Democrats
6 OLVER Rob Australian Democrats
7 HODDY Don Australian Democrats
8 KETTLE Gerard Conservatives for Climate and Environment
9 ANTON Shirley Conservatives for Climate and Environment
10 ROSE Linda Family First
11 FABIAN Cathie Family First
12 FUHRMANN Steve Family First
13 HOYER Thomas Carers Alliance
14 PRIMEAU Shirley Ann Carers Alliance
15 WYNNE Eric Independent
16 FITZGERALD Kevin Independent
17 CAMPBELL Graeme Independent
18 FISCHER John Independent
19 GRAHAM Russell Independent
20 GIBSON Geoff Independent
21 ARMSTRONG Jennifer Independent
22 TAN Michael Independent
23 McNAUGHT Richard Independent
24 DABROWSKI Edward Independent
25 HAWKINS Trent Socialist Alliance
26 GRAY Julie Socialist Alliance
27 DIXON Geoff Non-Custodial Parents
28 WARD Mike Non-Custodial Parents
29 BOULGER Bob Democratic Labor Party
30 MILLER Eric Democratic Labor Party
31 HOPKINSON James One Nation
32 McLEAN Ron One Nation
33 MAYER Daniel J Senator On-Line
34 LAMONT Zoe Senator On-Line
35 GOIRAN Gerard Christian Democrats
36 WATT Peter Christian Democrats
37 WHELAN Peter Liberty and Democracy Party
38 PARKER Daniel M Liberty and Democracy Party
39 LUDLAM Scott Greens
40 XAMON Alison Greens
41 ROY Brenda Greens
42 ROBINSON Jean Citizens Electoral Council
43 SMITH Stuart Citizens Electoral Council
44 CROOK Tony John National Party
45 DUNCAN Wendy National Party
46 PRATT Louise Labor Party
47 BISHOP Mark Labor Party
48 WEBBER Ruth Labor Party
49 JOHNSTON David Liberal Party
50 EGGLESTON Alan Liberal Party
51 CASH Michaelia Liberal Party
52 MISCHIN Michael Liberal Party
53 MOURITZ Jane Liberal Party
54 BROWN Matt Liberal Party
1 JOHNSON Phil Climate Change Coalition
2 POSSELT Steve Climate Change Coalition
3 BARTLETT Andrew Australian Democrats
4 WATERS Larissa Greens
5 HANSON Pauline Pauline's United Australia Party
6 HOGG John Joseph Labor Party
7 BUCHANAN Jeff Family First
8 HEALEY Bill Non-Custodial Parents
9 FEENEY Paul Joseph Australian Shooters Party
10 COLLINS Kevin Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
11 SMITH Bob Fishing Party
12 WATSON Sam Socialist Alliance
13 COUPER David Alan Independent
14 MADDISON Felicity Carers Alliance
15 MACDONALD Ian Douglas Liberal Party
16 HUMPHREYS John Liberty and Democracy Party
17 DeMARCHI Leo Independent
18 BROWN Michael Independent
19 ALBERTS Katrina Independent
20 PETERSEN Robin Independent
21 HACKETT-JONES Richard Independent
22 NEILL Sharon Australian Democrats
23 LIGHT Anja Greens
24 DONALD Dave Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
25 MOORE Claire Labor Party
26 STOCKER Elizabeth Fishing Party
27 TAYLOR Amelia Socialist Alliance
28 ROSIN Darryl Greens
29 BOYCE Sue Liberal Party
30 RADY Martin Independent
31 THOMPSON Doug Non-Custodial Parents
32 DUGGAN John Independent
33 BAKER James Independent
34 HRSTICH Allen D Australian Shooters Party
35 RIVETT John Independent
36 FURNER Mark Labor Party
37 PEAKE Ben Senator On-Line
38 BOUSFIELD Anne What Women Want
39 JACKSON Noel Democratic Labor Party
40 NELSON Ian J One Nation
41 LOW Pilly Independent
42 REID James Kenneth Independent
43 TRAVERSARI Marsileo Mark Independent
44 FITZGERALD-BAKER Louise Independent
45 GOW Robert Carers Alliance
46 BATESON Sharon Senator On-Line
47 CLARK Joseph Liberty and Democracy Party
48 BEUTEL Sonya What Women Want
49 O'BRIEN Diana Labor Party
50 ARROITA Lew One Nation
51 DOWLING Brian Democratic Labor Party
52 BRICE Linda Christian Democrats
53 PUKALLUS Jan Citizens Electoral Council
54 SAVILLE David Pauline's United Australia Party
55 HETHERINGTON Maurice Citizens Electoral Council
56 BRICE Malcolm Christian Democrats
57 BOSWELL Ron National Party
58 POWELL Mark Liberal Party
59 GOODWIN David National Party
60 BUCHHOLZ Scott National Party
61 SPENCER Beryl J Family First
62 MANNERS Merlin Family First
63 EATON Cathy Family First
64 HART Shaun Family First
65 BENSON-STOTT Elizabeth Family First
1 ENDEAN Colin Andrew Climate Change Coalition
2 KUBILIUS Vidas Climate Change Coalition
3 HANSON-YOUNG Sarah Greens
4 MORTIER Nikki Greens
5 RIGNEY Matt Greens
6 RUSSELL Ruth Australian Democrats
7 BAUMANN Max Australian Democrats
8 WAY Richard Australian Democrats
9 NEUMANN Emma What Women Want
10 McINTOSH Morag What Women Want
11 CLARKE Renfrey Socialist Alliance
12 LAZAROU Liah Socialist Alliance
13 XENOPHON Nick Independent
14 FARRELL Don Labor Party
15 WONG Penny Labor Party
16 PERRY Cathy Labor Party
17 PATERSON Brian M Independent
18 HARDY Garry N J Democratic Labor Party
19 McCABE David Democratic Labor Party
20 DRUMMOND Michelle Independent
21 GLASS Stewart Independent
22 CLARK Joel Michael Senator On-Line
23 CLARKE Courtney Senator On-Line
24 BROOK A Independent
25 ARMSTRONG Neil Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
26 TIPPINS Paul Anthony Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
27 BERNARDI Cory Liberal Party
28 BIRMINGHAM Simon Liberal Party
29 CHAPMAN Grant Liberal Party
30 KOURTESIS Maria Liberal Party
31 HOWARD Rob National Party
32 CUTHBERTSON Mark National Party
33 ALDRIDGE Mark One Nation
34 DWYER David One Nation
35 McALARY David Liberty and Democracy Party
36 HILL Mark Liberty and Democracy Party
37 BATES Tony Family First
38 TURNBULL Toni Family First
39 GIBSON Colin Family First
40 HAHN John Australian Shooters Party
41 BORUN Basil C P Australian Shooters Party
42 BRYSON Roger Independent
43 COLANGELO Bruno Christian Democrats
44 HUNT Noelene Christian Democrats
45 VINCENT Martin Citizens Electoral Council
46 SIEBERT Paul G Citizens Electoral Council
A.C.T (Ticket 1)
1 FULLAM-STONE Michael Climate Change Coalition
2 GEE Andrew M Climate Change Coalition
3 TUCKER Kerrie Greens
4 KIRSCHBAUM Elena Greens
5 VOGT Norvan Australian Democrats
6 DAVID Anthony Australian Democrats
7 DENBOROUGH Michael Nuclear Disarmament Party
8 DENBOROUGH Erica Nuclear Disarmament Party
9 LUNDY Kate Labor Party
10 CONWAY Peter Labor Party
11 MILAT Lisa Liberty and Democracy Party
12 TEXTOR Chris Liberty and Democracy Party
13 DAVIDSON Emma What Women Want
14 MORRIS Shannon What Women Want
15 HUMPHRIES Gary Liberal Party
16 MYERS Jacqui Liberal Party
A.C.T (Ticket 2)
1 FULLAM-STONE Michael Climate Change Coalition
2 GEE Andrew M Climate Change Coalition
3 DENBOROUGH Michael Nuclear Disarmament Party
4 DENBOROUGH Erica Nuclear Disarmament Party
5 MILAT Lisa Liberty and Democracy Party
6 TEXTOR Chris Liberty and Democracy Party
7 VOGT Norvan Australian Democrats
8 DAVID Anthony Australian Democrats
9 TUCKER Kerrie Greens
10 KIRSCHBAUM Elena Greens
11 DAVIDSON Emma What Women Want
12 MORRIS Shannon What Women Want
13 LUNDY Kate Labor Party
14 CONWAY Peter Labor Party
15 HUMPHRIES Gary Liberal Party
16 MYERS Jacqui Liberal Party
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