Saturday, December 8, 2007

Labor wins McEwen by 7 votes.

The Labor Party's Rob Mitchell has won the Victorian seat of McEwen by just 7 votes. Mitchell was behind by 28 votes this morning with 330 left to count and was 7 in front when counting finished. Mitchell said he expects the Liberal Party to ask for a recount. "The AEC has been very thorough all the way through,'' Mr Mitchell said.
"With a swing of 6.42 per cent away from Liberal, that sends a pretty clear message of the feeling out there. McEwen was once a phenomenally safe seat.''

Neither Fran Bailey nor her advisers could be reached when tried to contact them to ask if they would concede or request a recount.

Final Results:
Candidate Party Votes This Election (%) Last Election (%) Swing (%)
BAILEY, FranPrevious Member Liberal 48,409 50.00 56.42 -6.42
MITCHELL, Rob Australian Labor Party 48,416 50.00 43.58 +6.42

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