Thursday, December 6, 2007

Postal votes going the Coalitions way.

In the AEC "close seats" list the latest count shows that the Coalition is catching up in seats where it is behind and pulling away in seats where it is ahead. The count has only shifted .04% or so in each seat but it should be enough to see Swan fall to the Liberal party and to see them hold on to Herbert and Dickson. They have also now hit the front in Bowman. The only seat where the Liberal Party vote has dropped since my last post about the close seats is McEwen, from 50.08% to 50.04%, their lead in the seat is now just 77 votes.

State Division Incumbent Party TCP % Swing % Counted %
QLD Flynn The Nationals 49.70 -8.02 93.30
WA Swan Australian Labor Party 49.76 -0.32 92.43
NT Solomon C.L.P. 49.81 -3.00 92.18
NSW Robertson Liberal 49.85 -7.02 95.01
QLD Bowman Liberal 50.03 -8.87 95.06
VIC McEwen Liberal 50.04 -6.38 95.36
QLD Dickson Liberal 50.14 -8.75 95.91
QLD Herbert Liberal 50.18 -6.06 92.17

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