Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nelson admits 'wrong, stupid' lie

Four days before the 1993 federal election, Dr Nelson, as AMA vice-president, told the rally in Melbourne: "I have never voted Liberal in my life."

At one point yesterday, he said he was unable to explain why he made the comment, but later claimed he felt intimidated because "a couple of bus loads of union thugs" had arrived to demonstrate against then prime minister Paul Keating.

He asked the Australian public to accept his explanation as preselectors had done in 1995 when they chose him as the Liberal candidate for his safe north shore Sydney seat, Bradfield.

Asked if he had lied, Dr Nelson said: "Well, it wasn't true, so you can describe it as a lie if you want to."

I love that last line. Pollie speak at it's finest.


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